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lighting costs?

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I am trying to calculate lighting costs for a new house in Portugal. does anyone know the cost per Kwh? thank you.

if any use to anyone, here are approximate costs of different bulb types at different watts.... at a cost per Kw of .17

I am not an electrician but to the best of my knowledge (and have checked answers with a few energy calculators and seem to be accurate....)

So ONE 50 w halogen bulb
Lighting for 8 hours a day
7 days a week
At a cost of .17kwh (check your electricity tariff)
Costs: €24.75 for the year

If on for the same period of time, One LED: 5w
costs €2.47 for the year - I recently bought them for 7 euros, they last about 10 years.

If on for the same period of time ,An energy saving bulb of 14w, will cost €6.93 for the year. (ie equivalent to 50w halogen)

If on for the same period of time, An energy saving bulb: 23w (equivalent to a normal 100w bulb)
Costs: €11.38 for the year.

If on for the same period of time, An ordinary 100w light bulb:
Costs About €50 euros for the year!! (€49.50)

If you have halogen ceiling lights, you can directly replace the GU10 bulb with an led bulb.

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oh dear, someone is eitheir getting old or going native.

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To be honest, it shocked me when i calculated all the bulbs we have and the cost e.g. halogen / CFLs and what we could be saving with LEDs..... ie we prefer spending the money on wine then giving it to the EDP. ie we have 5w LEDs which replace the halogens... no difference in lumen/kelvins, and they dont produce heat etc....

Halogens are 50w - and cost approx €22.50 each to run per down the drain. beware - all LEDs are not equal in quality. when you multiply x 20, it starts to add up or save...depending...

i am working on getting out more :wink:

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Good grief!....Is it me or is life getting too complicated?

There must be something better to do in Portugal than worry about the longevity of light bulbs, or have I been here too long!!!!!


I quite agree with you, Jan. Life is too short to stuff a mushroom or worry about lightbulbs.


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