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Moving of Power and Phone Lines

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We have finally seen the house we want to buy. Perfect in every way but one, well actually two.

It has high voltage power lines immediately outside the front of the house, on the private land of the house. Sorry for lack of techno speak, but they are not the huge pylons but concrete poles. We do not want such a source of radiation so near to our home and so have made tentative enquiries about the possibility of getting them moved. Our estate agent contacted EDP and was told that they could be moved away from the house, at no expense to us, it would just be a case of seeing what needed moving and where. However we have been told that the present owners would make no attempt to get the lines moved until we have placed a deposit to buy. I am nervous of this although understand their motives.

Does anyone know if EDP will just move lines and posts as easily as that? Is it that straight forward that you just ask and they comply?

Also can we make it an agreement of sale that the lines are moved and if they are not, or cannot we can pull out of the sale? I'm not even sure if that is possible or a fair thing to demand.

Also there are phone lines running directly through an olive grove on the land. This would not bother us too much but the lines are very low and are actually running through the trees, through the branches and foliage. It concerns us that PT might have the right to cut back the trees to prevent damage to the lines or in turn, if we come to prune back the trees we might damage the lines and have to pay expenses.

We have been told, again by our estate agent, that it is now law for phone lines to be placed along roadsides and not across private land. That we have the right to ask for them to be moved at no expense to us.

Again, does anyone know if this correct? It all seems very simple and we are little wary.

Any advice much appreciated on both issues even if it is to move on and find somewhere else. It is a great property but there will be more.

Thanks in advance


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As we discovered with PT , they will not cross private land for new connections.
They wanted to put a pole next to our connection box and then run a line into it.
We decided to pay for the lines to be buried before the pavement was put down and the line run into our box, no pole needed.
All the older properties still have lines criss crossing across the roads and plots.
We know of owners who have campaigned for years to get the HT lines that are close to them moved with no success.
One of the problems is that neighbours not affected do not want the lines near them either.

I you have not paid the promissory yet then there is no legal contract in existence. Remember he is NOT your estate agent but acts for the buyer and himself , no sale , no commission.


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for me: poles=no deal]


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EDP poles sound more like standard electric supply rather than high voltage, but can see no reason why you can't stipulate their movement in Promissory Note as a condition of completion, I would take the additional precaution of deposit being held by Solicitor and registering the Promissory note, which makes it a "more" legal document.


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Is your estate agent registered? Many tell all sorts of porkies to get a sale especially in these hard times.

I would get them to put in writing what they have told you regarding EDP moving posts at no cost and to double check I would also get a lawyer to contact EDP and not any lawyer an estate agent may have recommended.

Also “ a source of radiation”

have you checked your water supply or done a “Radon” check if your would be property is built with granite?



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