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Real Estate Agent

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Hello 🙂

I am moving to Portugal in a year and I would like to start looking at buying a home. Can anyone recommend a TRUSTworthy estate agent that can help me find my new home? I would appreciate any support here. Thank you kindly, Linda 

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Where exactly in Portugal are you planning to buy property? What kind of property are you looking for? I have a friend who works in a real estate agency, they have some good properties in Portugal here you can see but I guess it will be better if you write them personally. Tell me if you need my friend's email address and I will be more than happy to share it. Hope you will find a perfect new home soon 😉

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Hi Charles, you can also try Xana at She focuses mainly on Lisbon and works as a a Buyers Agent.  Good luck

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Hi, Lindiswa.  Can I add another option for you?  Our experience last year, looking for a permanent home in Central Portugal, was transformed by these people..... .  

They are the kindest, most helpful, patient and knowledgable estate agents we've ever come across (and we've moved many times).  We were totally looked after and they absolutely restored our faith in this curious sub-species.  Their office in Lousã is tiny, but their books are pretty extensive (I just checked - currently 177 properties listed), and extend right across the central region, up to Porto and down to Lisbon.  

They got the measure of us and our needs almost immediately and found us the absolute perfect home - then negotiated hard with the sellers to get it for a price we could afford and felt it was worth.  

On the back of our experience, two of our friends have since bought homes in the region through them (but we're all still stuck in Blighty waiting to get over there 😫 ).  

Highly recommended.  Good luck with your search! 

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First Lindiswa needs to say the area that they would like help with. Portugal is a big country with lots of very good agents but the area is important if they are serious about the help they asked for.


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HI Linda, lovely to hear you are considering a move to Portugal, stunning part of the world.

Camilla is amazing and a real professional. I am also a buyers agent Portuguese and English speaking, and also have a couple of exclusive properties in Lisbon if you would like to contact me I am also available to assist and even happy to work in conjunction with Camilla to find you the perfect home, be it in Lisbon or along the coast.

Please feel free to call me on WhatsApp +351968559069 or email: Looking forward to hearing from you at your leisure. Warmest Alexandra xx

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