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Brexit Update 02/10/20 - Residency for UK nationals in Portugal  

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We have received the following notification from the British Embassy in Lisbon:

Now that we are getting closer to the end of the transition period, we are re-focusing on encouraging UK nationals to register for residency before the end of the year. We are working closely with SEF on this, and we will launch a joint campaign very soon. We will send more information about the campaign later on.

We understand that many UK nationals here are asking about the need to exchange their current documents eventually. We now know that the process for exchanging current residence documents to the Withdrawal Agreement residence documents will open towards the end of the year.  

  • UK residents in Portugal will be asked to complete an online pre-registration form that will identify them, and their family members, as residents under the Withdrawal Agreement. This registration will be done on a dedicated platform. 
  • This will allow SEF to contact UK nationals after 1 January 2021, providing them with an appointment in order to collect biometric data for the new residency card.
  • The new card can only be issued to those who are already registered for residency in Portugal. So if UK nationals are not yet registered as residents in Portugal, they will need to go to their Town Hall and register first before pre-registering online. Their current documents remain valid after the end of the transition period

Together with SEF, we will have a joint campaign providing information on what UK nationals need to do. We will let you know when we are about to launch this. If you are asked by UK nationals about this, please let them know that their documents will still be valid after the end of the transition period and that there will be information coming soon on what they will need to do.

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Hi Gerry, we will go to their Town Hall and register but I first have to find out how I prove that we have accommodation via our house sit. 

I am going to send the local town hall Junta de Freguesia de Santa Bárbara de Nexe email today and see if they can detail what I need to bring.  

We will be arriving very soon 😮 

Warm Wishes (actually windy, cold and raining here in England)

J 😎 


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I have yet to have an email to a Portuguese entity responded to. I hope you are luckier than me.


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I had my doubts about getting a response but at least I tried.  Think I'm going to just have to wait until we hit the ground and take it from there. 


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