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Portugal's State Pension and/or unemployment benefits  


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Joined: 1 month ago
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04/07/2020 11:58 pm  

I'm working on the finances now 🤑 and from what I deduce the income requirements for EU nationals who are economically inactive (early retirement) is either local unemployment benefits rate or state pension rate of that country.

Does anyone know how much the flat rate old age or state pension is so I can calculate what the income requirement is we would need to meet?

The EU union site country-specific doesn't give me a flat figure.  I'm after a reference figure.  And or what the Portugal unemployment benefit flat rate is?

Also, can anyone share actual experiences from Brits or otherwise of what was required in terms of income when you applied in Portugal for residency?

Much obliged,

J 🙂 

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Joined: 13 years ago
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05/07/2020 10:55 am  

Hi Jives

It's a long time ago i got my residency. Not knowing what to take to the Camara, Meo, Financas, Edp and  the same when i went to the doctors i took everything i had. The deeds for my house, passport and as i completed each task i the took those papers.

Don't know if that's a help but good luck


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05/07/2020 11:04 am  

Good Morning Peter

I've just been reading about you in the community story section 🤗   My perception of Portugal was it is spicy. Probably based on Nando's experience 🤯 .I guess you are a modern Vasco Da Gamma😁

I'll make a flip file with every original official document we own and carry it in a fire proof box.  Our home will be our van to start off with.

Fingers crossed.

Estimable Member VIP Member
Joined: 12 years ago
Posts: 156
05/07/2020 11:47 am  

It all depends on where you apply, I have residence, and have never been asked about my income.

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Eminent Member Premium Member
Joined: 1 month ago
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05/07/2020 1:15 pm  
  • @hartmill I wonder if there's a flood of Bits just before the borders close they may be more stringent🤔 

Noble Member VIP Member
Joined: 11 years ago
Posts: 1273
05/07/2020 2:58 pm  

@Jives, I think the minimum 'income' requirement is more linked to the minimum wage and/or the income level at which benefits might be payable, which is around €635 per month.

If you enter as an economically inactive person, declaring adequate means, you will effectively be ineligible for benefits because (a) you said so and (b) because your statement is what allowed you to be eligible to live in Portugal.

If you enter as if you are seeking work it's different. Europa.eu provides an overview, as you've discovered.

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