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Power of Attorney

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I need to grant power of attorney to my VAT tax rep, and have found zero help online, or from local agencies.  No surprise, at this point in my little residency adventure here, that you can't even pay Portuguese people to lift a finger with this stuff.  Anyone know where I can find a template or anything that would pass in Portugal for this?  Or maybe a pointer to a tax lawyer that actually works? 

If my attitude seems a bit gruff, I've been on the ground in Portugal six months already, and my window to apply for residency is closing, and it's thanks to the lazy idiots and insane bureaucrats here that I am barely any closer to having an application ready.  It would be kind of absurd if I had to leave just because no one in this country can do their jobs, so I am doing all I can to put things together myself, but Financas has advised if the document is not recognized by local lawyers, it won't be accepted, and then I can't start my activity here.  I have my appointment to submit all this coming up in a week (which I can't reschedule, because it takes a month just to get a date), so basically I have a matter of days to get this document sorted (which I've been working to get handled for weeks already), or I'll probably be forced to leave Portugal without having been able to submit an application for residency despite all efforts.  REALLY sick of this crap.

Anyway, power of attorney doc or lawyer to draft one is what I need ASAP.  Thank you!

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I´m sorry you are facing those problems.

My advice (if you like to take it) is to contact a professional company that works with expats in legal matters.
They are your best option to help you with everything and they will know what you need.
I dont think its a good option to go for a non-professional help at this point, as you are with little time left.

Look for some information about lawyers at the city/ place you are now.
You have contact here: 


Hope you can find help!

All the best



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@anavieira  Thank you for the thorough answer.  I was not having good luck with the agencies I already contacted, so that's why I asked if anyone had a document to reference, or a direct contact for a lawyer that does this.  I will try the people you linked, though.  Thank you!


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as was suggested in your other thread seek a bureau agency helper or lawyer /accountant like sovereign trust in lagoa 



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Don't forget to let Reis & Pellicano know you're an ExpatPT member, as you'll be entitled to a discount on their services... believe it's 10% off. 

All the best. 



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I sent you a private message



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