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Update from the British Embassy 17 November 2021

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Please see following update from Marta Ceia Consular Policy Officer at the British Embassy in Lisbon

I am writing to inform you about the end of the UK Nationals Support Fund in Portugal. As you are aware, for the last year IOM Portugal has been running a project to support UK nationals under the Withdrawal Agreement who may have experienced challenges with their residence registration. Their dedicated team has helped hundreds of UK nationals to register or start the exchange process of their residence document, and has informed many more on what actions to take to protect their rights.

IOM will continue to accept new cases until 26 November. After that date, and until the end of the year, IOM will only support UK nationals for whom they already have an open case. Their dedicated Brexit helpline will no longer be available from 26 November, but their email address (@iom.int">uknationalspt@iom.int) will be monitored until 31 December.

Both IOM and the High Commission for Migrations (ACM) will continue to provide support to any migrant in Portugal. UK nationals that need support can contact the Migrant Support Line (Linha de Apoio ao Migrante – LAM)

  • 808 257 257 (landline)
  • 21 810 61 91 (mobile and abroad)

Alternatively, UK nationals can go to a National Centre for the Integration of Migrants (Centros Nacionais de Apoio à Integração de Migrantes – CNAIM) – in Algarve, Lisbon and Porto – or the Local Centres for the Integration of Migrants (Centros Locais de Apoio à Integração de Migrantes – CLAIM).

Specific questions related to residence in Portugal or on the status of residence applications should continue to be addressed to SEF, using their dedicated Brexit channels:

  • E-mail: brexit@sef.pt
  • Brexit line: (+351) 21 711 50 45
  • Office hours: 8:00AM – 8:00PM (working days)

We recommend all UK nationals check the Living in Portugal Guide for information about living in Portugal and sign up for email alerts for the page to receive updates. The Visas and Residence section has already been updated to reflect the date on which the support from the UK Nationals Support Fund will end in Portugal.

I would be grateful if you could share this information with your contacts and on your channels.

We continue to engage with the Portuguese authorities regarding the beginning of phase 2 (biometric data) of the exchange process for residence documents. We will inform you as soon as we have an update.

Best regards,

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