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[Sticky] Assistance with Visa, Residency, Fiscal, NHR, Schools, Driver’s Licence, etc. etc. etc

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We are delighted to announce our new association with Ei Assessoria Migratória based in Lisbon.

Ei provide a complete range of services for those people looking to reside in Portugal whether from within the EU or from outside the EU. These include:

  • Own Income Visa – resident visa that allows the applicant to stay for up to 4 months and enable sufficient time to take care of all requirements to apply for full residency.
  • Migration Services – obtaining NIF and Fiscal Representation in Portugal.
  • Assistance with Residency Permit.
  • Assistance with Family Reunification.
  • Non-Habitual Residency Fiscal Status.
  • Sponsorship Letter – if you cannot secure a rental agreement before the visa request.
  • Enrollment in Schools.
  • Driver’s Licence Exchange.

In general, all the pre-departure arrangements, visas, documentations, bank accounts, transportation, health services and schools. All you need to live in Portugal. Ei take care of everything from day one.

If you would like to discuss your specific requirements and obtain details of the fees, please contact

Don't forget, there is a 10% discount on the fees for our Premium Members.

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somewhat disappointed with first contact of Ei Assessoria Migratória, after asking a simple general question they were not interested in answering it unless i paid a EURO123 consultation fee? a bit meanspirited imo and i will possibly be looking for another company that can do the job when the time comes

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My wife has our first paid consult in a few days I hope it goes better.

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@jgibsonhi, im sure it will go ok, as many here have used that company successfully, i will probably use it anyways but found that they could not answer just 1 pertinent question without being paid for it petty? it was not the E123 fee, it was the tude that mattered! good luck there with it all Mr & Mrs Gibson!

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