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D7 card pickup

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Finally with people on the ground to get the appoint for me and I spent this whole morning traveling from Lisbon to Setúbal, now waiting for the card. Pretty smooth as what I watched from YouTube, it is actually around 30 min to deal with the documents, taking photo, and payment. If you could speak Portuguese I bet it would be more fun.

To the actual question, anyone paid 27 Euro to make a self pickup? Just curious how it would work. I don't know it until the lady beside me asking for that option. Then I thought it would be more secure if could self pickup. They will call you when the card is ready to pickup.

Meanwhile in case anyone wanted to share some good mobile operator that is not very expensive, there is the WFT, but I bet most of us probably are not young enough to use it (below 25).

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There's already a post about that ( https://expatsportugal.com/community/new-members/mobile-phone-plans/). Besides the main operators (MEO, NOS, VODAFONE), there are smaller ones (using the big ones' networks), usually with better prices: UZO, WOO, NOWO, LYCAMOBILE. It depends on your needs and location (some operators might have better network in some places and worse in others, so speak with neighbours about it).


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Posted by: @zen

To the actual question, anyone paid 27 Euro to make a self pickup?

We were not aware or offered that option. We would probably have chosen it since we walk by SEF almost daily in Lisbon.