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D7 VISA: Savings, income, etc.

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Oi como vai!

It's hard to get a clear answer on the $$ required for the D7.

I have 500,000 in savings, but my only income is from interest and dividends.
Will this qualify?  It should, but no one seems to know for sure. I heard that 2 years worth of $$ put into a Portugal bank (about 35,000) should do it. 


Any info appreciated, thanks!

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Hi John , Your not wrong, However when you get older that time frame becomes very important. Like you, I have spent several years year travelling in PT and are happy to say, I do know the Algarve very well.Plus I have many PT friends besides Expats. We own our own place tick every single box in the application process and in October we start again with our 90 day Visa allocation,  so we have 3 months to sort it . This will be a permanent move and with help from Pt friends . When you can get nowhere in your own country  with VFS/PT embassies, you have to look at alternatives.

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@paulr I feel unsettled about the state of things and have pushed up my personal schedule to relocate sooner than original planned. Not sure about Blackstone buying VFS Global. Blackstone has been on a buying spree buying up entire housing tracts my guess they will become the largest landlord in the United States


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Going back to Brandy's original posting, she was wondering whether a certain financial construction involving savings and her business income would meet D7 requirements. I think it would be worth checking with EI or some other professional sooner rather than later. If - undercurrent D7 rules - Brandy's proposed arrangement would NOT be acceptable, knowing that NOW would be useful and  will leave her sufficient time to think about restructuring her business and finances to improve her chances down the road. 

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@jeanne, thanks for weighing in on this! I received a marketing email from Sally just today about the Premium Plus & Expats Portugal Plan, which looks like it includes a personalized plan that takes into account our financial situation and visa options. From what I've read about others' experiences, this plan sounds similar to what Ei helps with--maybe it's a collaboration with them.


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