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New residence permits for UK nationals

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Has anybody received an email inviting them to book an appointment to provide biometric data for the new residence permit yet?

I registered on in December but haven't heard anything yet.

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we have not heard anything yet, although we did register after you.

Still awaiting email to book an appointment.



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i had been trying without success to register on their web site. so i phoned and spoke to a fellow who talked me through the process. and now i have a certificate to say i have applied for residency. i haven't heard more since about two weeks. i am assuming they will get back to me. but if not i will phone again.


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They have yet to begin the process of arranging appointments to take biometric data, after which cards will be issued. As I understand it, no-one has been processed beyond the temporary certificates at this time. There is currently no information on when this will begin, although before the January COVID wave, it was due to have started by now.


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