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One for the Brits

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SEF now have their website up and running for us to apply for the new "protected rights" resident's certificates/cards that we have to change to because of Brexit.

You have to register first (if you haven't yet registered for online access) before you can proceed with applying for the new certificate/card.  It would appear by the problems some people are having in registering that their site might be under a lot of pressure.

Those who have managed it (I did) report that the password MUST have at least 6 characters which MUST include at least one capital letter, one small case letter, one number, and one special character.  It was all very frustrating getting on and working out the password problem, I was tempted to use the password F#ck1ngpa1n1nthe4rse.

Once you get past the registration problem applying is extremely easy, just don't forget to download the confirmation of application PDF with a QR code on it before logging out.

The new certificates/cards will start to be issued after 01/01/21 and may require you to attend for biometrics to be taken, they will email if this is required. 

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Many thanks OB. You beat me to it 😊

Have now posted the email we just received from the British Embassy under this link:



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I didn't even know we had to exchange them, but had wondered what would happen since they were EU citizen permits

Managed to register, apply, download QS cert and then validate it with very few problems

I love Portugal - every small victory in the bureaucracy becomes an event to really celebrate (Doh! I haven't got the new card yet - what have I said? 😀 😀 )

The only glitch I had was that it said that 'Check data. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.' but no fields were marked with a * and hence I had to try again after a fail by inserting the missing telephone number

Otherwise, easy-peasy

Fist-pump and mini from the fridge!


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