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What does this email from Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira mean?

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I received this email just this morning.

“Informamos que tem faturas pendentes de classificação na sua página pessoal do e-Fatura, no Portal das Finanças.

Para poder beneficiar das deduções no IRS de 2020 deve completar a informação das suas faturas, até ao próximo dia 25 de fevereiro, validando e classificando as mesmas na sua página pessoal do e-Fatura, no Portal das Finanças.

Se está registado para o exercido de uma atividade de caráter empresarial ou profissional durante o ano de 2020, deve ainda indicar se as aquisições de bens e/ou serviços dos documentos pendentes se referem a despesas a título pessoal ou a título empresarial/profissional.

O cálculo do montante das deduções respeitantes ao IRS do ano de 2020, a apresentar em 2021 pela AT a partir de 15 de março, depende da correta validação das faturas.

Caso não possua qualquer fatura pendente, considere esta mensagem sem efeito.”

And here it is using Google Translate:

“We inform that you have invoices pending classification on your personal e-Fatura page, on the Finance Portal.

To be able to benefit from the deductions in the IRS 2020, you must complete the information on your invoices by February 25th, validating and classifying them on your personal e-Invoice page on the Finance Portal.

If you are registered for a business or professional activity during the year 2020, you must also indicate whether the purchases of goods and / or services in the pending documents refer to expenses in a personal or business / professional capacity.

The calculation of the amount of deductions related to the IRS for the year 2020, to be presented in 2021 by AT as of March 15, depends on the correct validation of the invoices.

If you do not have any pending invoices, please consider this message without effect.”

Thing is, I don’t have any pending invoices to my knowledge. I didn’t come here until August 2020 and haven’t worked here either.

Since I don’t have any pending invoices, should I not take any action on their email?

Thanks for any advice.

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The tax system allows for a series of deductions from any income tax due (this is not the equivalent of tax thresholds you might be more familiar from the UK where your taxable income is reduced by an amount before tax is calculated).

These deductions include, for example, €250-worth of general expenditure; a certain proportion of spending on health-related items; a certain proportion of spending on hair dressers (fat chance this last year).

Anyway, if you have ever quoted your NIF when buying anything, including supermarket purchases, these receipts will be entered in the system by the shop/service.

You can add invoices into the system yourself, and what the email is saying is you have up 25th February to add, check and verify any receipts in the system in your name.

Start off at: 

  follow "Faturas" and then "Sr. Consumidor". You'll then be asked to log in to the Finanças site and once in you'll see what invoices are there for you.


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@steve. I always wondered when people made comments about providing their nif at a supermarket checkout. Now I understand why that is.  Thanks.

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Thanks for your reply, it was really helpful.


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