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Citrus problem  

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I have a number of citrus trees planted over 5 years ago , some bloom and have fruit but some have thorns and no flowers , i have been told these will never bloom so no this correct ? (before i dig them up)

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If the question is whether the presence of thorns on citrus trees means the trees won't fruit, then no it's not correct. Most citrus trees have thorns unless they're from specially-bred thornless varieties.

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The most thorny are the lemons, particularly those hardy varieties which are often used as root stock.
If you have a plant that has both thorny and non thorny stems then they have been grafted. Prune away the thorny ones as these will be from the root stock and, as you have been told, will never fruit. Also, the leaves from the root stock are usually of a different form to any graft that has been inserted.


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When we bought our house some 8 years ago we had a young citrus tree which was covered in very large thorns and no fruit. I was told buy the old guy we bought the house from to heavily prune it as it was a 'wild' tree. I now bears some of the juiciest oranges I have ever come across................

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oh :roll: lordy ....not this debate again :-/

citrus fruit ` Naturally ` have thorns, they have been bred over centuries to not have thorns.

some of the most productive cirus fruit trees i have seen have thorns , big thorns .

yes some trees you buy from comercial producers will have root stock that is thorny and may never produce fruit, but this is very rare. most will eventually have fruit.


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