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What to plant and when?  

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Evening all,
My partner, Helen, and I are moving to Portugal as from 1st May and we will be wanting to grow as much of our food as possible. I have been growing vegetables and herbs here in Jersey for a few years but realise that the books and advice I have are for a totally different climate.

I was wondering if people have a list of what vegetables to plant, and when?

We will be living somewhere in the Coimbra area, hopefully.

Many thanks
Peter & Helen

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Pingo Doce sell parsnips!


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you'll see on sale a paper pamplet called Almanac, in most newsagents, street sellers, loads of useful information on what to do, plant etc each month, dates of markets etc, etc


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I'd say give anything a try, in small amounts, and see how it goes. More worthwhile growing things that are difficult to find or expensive, e.g. parsnips (Pingo Doce want 3.49 euros a kilo for them), mange tout, rasberries, asparagus, and all the herbs of course - nothing better than going out the back door to pick the herbs for your cooking. Oh and citrus fruit - don't know about Coimbra but they grow great here, even grapefruit and limes. Peas and runner beans were both successful last year and I had more cherry tomatoes than I knew what to do with! Local markets have an abundance of baby plants in season, very cheap. Worth putting in lettuces, a few at a time, as they are great straight from the ground. Good luck with your planting. K


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Kaybee - you mentioned asparagus. Do you or anyone know where I could get some asparagus crowns, again in the (south) Coimbra area?



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How long does it take to grow and when can you harvest it, someone told me 7 years


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