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Portugal Bike Paths / Routs / Eco Paths

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Here are some bike paths, eco paths (ecopista is the word in Portuguese) and routes to explore Portugal by bike or walking.

There are a lot more, but I chose these ones because they show a little bit of Portugal from north to south and they are amazing.

Feel free to add some more!
Enjoy 🙂

  1. Ecopista do Minho

The railway extension connecting Valencia to Monção was disabled and, in its place, a perfect ecopista was born for bike tours. In all, it is 22 kilometres to cycle along vineyards, fields of cultivation and built heritage of the region.

Along the way you can dell the viewpoints with a privileged view of the Minho River and the adjacent places. You can also cool off and go bathing on the river beaches you meet along the way.

Not to be missed: The fortress of Valencia, with more than 5 kilometres of walls, located on one of the hills over Minho River.



  1. Ecovia do Rio Lima (Lima River)

As the name implies, this ecopath extends along the banks of the Lima River, passing through the municipalities of Viana do Castelo, Ponte de Lima, Ponte da Barca and Arcos de Valdevez.

The Ecovia of the Lima River consists of five sections: the Veigas route, the Dams route, the Lagoons route, the Orange route and, finally, the Ermelo route. In all, there are almost 40 kilometres that can be covered by bike and in which you can discover some of the most beautiful villages and enjoy nature.

Not to be missed: Bridge over the Lima River, in Ponte de Lima, formed by two distinct sections: one roman and one medieval.



  1. Ecopista do Dão

With an extension of 49 km, the Ecopista do Dão connects Santa Comba Dão to Viseu and is considered one of the largest and most beautiful paths in Portugal. Where once steam locomotives circulated, it is now possible to enjoy the spectacular landscape by bicycle, which surrounds the Rivers Dão and Mondego.

In addition to the natural beauty, this route has linear pavement and, therefore, easy to be enjoyed by adults and children. The Ecopista do Dão is part of the National Network of Ecopistas and is endorsed with support structures and signposted throughout the route.

Not to be missed: The old train stations, especially Torredeita Station, where you can find an old steam locomotive.



  1. Atlantic Road Bike Path

In the center of Portugal you will find the largest bike track in the country, consisting of several routes that, in all, make up about 62 kilometers. The Atlantic Road bike path crosses four municipalities of the district of Leiria: Marinha Grande, Alcobaça, Pombal and Nazaré.

Not to be missed: The Fishermen's Chapel, in Vieira Beach, one of the few examples of religious buildings made of wood.



  1. Guincho Bike Path - Cascais

In Cascais, one of the most beautiful and scenic areas on the outskirts of Lisbon, you will find the Guincho bike path. It is the oldest bike path in this county and also the most sought after by cyclists.

There are about nine kilometres, which start at Cascais marina and end at Guincho beach, travelled almost exclusively parallel to the sea. The scenery could not be more pleasant: on one side, the ocean, the beach and the cliffs and, on the other, the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

Not to be missed: The Guia Lighthouse, one of the most iconic lighthouses in Portugal, where you can enjoy a privileged view of the ocean and over Cascais. https://www.bikemap.net/en/r/3315771/#11.65/38.7091/-9.4376


  1. Ecopista Ramal de Mora

Another railway line closed several years ago and which has been converted into a pedestrian and cycling route. The Ecopista Ramal de Mora is about 40 kilometres long and connects Évora to Arraiolos, in the former apeadeiro (little train station) of Vale de Paio.

Not to be missed: Solar do Monte da Sempre Noiva, classified as a National Monument, one of the few Manueline-style houses that did not disappear.



  1. Coastal Ecovia (Algarve)

In total, there are about 214 kilometres, ranging from Cabo de S. Vicente, in Sagres, to Vila Real de Santo António, by paths close to the sea and crossing twelve municipalities of the Algarve coast. The ecovia consists of existing bike paths, rural roads and paths parallel to National Road 125.

Ecovia do Litoral is part of the European Eurovélo Network, the network of cycling routes on the European continent. It is a stretch of the Atlantic Coast Route (Route No. 1) that connects Sagres, in the extreme southwest of Europe, to the North Cape in Scandinavia.

Not to be missed: It is 214 kilometres almost all by the sea. How about a swim on one of the beaches you'll pass?



Share your thoughts about more options 😊


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I use Wikiloc for finding routes to explore, it covers walking, cycling, car, off-road, etc.


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@old-bloke Great tip!
Thanks 🙂



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Thanks for this what a great post. 👍🏽

I've been trying to find cycling groups close to me but had no luck with my internet search. So I was planning to go to the local bike shops and ask in there. 


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