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Car Registration

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Hi all. I didn't see anything related to this question here. I am wondering about the cost of registering a car in Portugal. We currently live in Germany and plan to purchase a used car here and driving it to Portugal when I retire, which should be within the next year. I will have owned the car for more than six months, so I understand I won't be liable for import taxes. I don't know the exact make and model of the car we will buy, but we are looking for something possibly equivalent to a Toyota Corolla, not too old, maybe 5 years or so, and probably around 10,000€ total cost. I know that without exact details it is not possible to give an accurate quote on this, but I am just looking for a reasonable estimate. I have read of people paying 17,000€. I do plan to contact someone from ACP to get a more accurate idea once we know what we are going to purchase. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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So long as you have owned the car for 6 months or more you can import a car tax free.

Go to the SEARCH on this page ant type in MATRICULATION

When you get all the answers you will have all the help you need. You can even import a car in a DAY yes a day and don't let anybody say you can't because i did in a day.

It's all down to preparation and i don't speak the language.

Good luck

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@peterfc I believe you have to keep the car for a certain time in PT before you can sell it 12 months I believe.



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