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driving license for heavier motorhomes  


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11/09/2020 1:14 am  

There is an EU reg that, from what I can tell, says that anyone driving a motorhome ("RV" in U.S.-speak) that weighs greater than 3500 kg must get a commercial driver's license.   My plan has been to "semi-expatriate" to Portugal, live there most of the time in what's known as a Class C RV in the U.S. and then travel with my wife.   Spend most of our time in Cascais but then move around, too.  There are no RVs in the U.S. you would consider living in long-term that weigh less than 3500 kg.   And after a lot of research, same goes for European RVs which also lack a lot of features that are standard on U.S. RVs.

The likely RV I'll bring will be the Winnebago View built on the Mercedes Sprinter chassis.   Already own one but would upgrade before I brought something to Europe.   Big difference with U.S. RVs is expanding walls (sliders), convection/microwave oven, better electricity (inverters), and some other stuff.   European RVs can be very high quality but curiously missing things you'd expect would be available, especially sliders which allow you to keep the body narrow traveling but lots of interior space parked with the slider out.

The problem that threw a wrench into my plans, though, is getting the commercial driver's license in Europe.   Problem I haven't been able to solve yet.   I need a driving school to talk to in English (could be in Spanish, not Portuguese yet) about the feasibility of acquiring the license.   Does anybody know a driving school I could talk to.  

I've also thought that maybe one of the motorhome shops around Lisbon would have an idea. 

The Germans and Italians make some motorhomes that bust through that 3500 kg dry weight ceiling.  They sell the units.   Who can drive them?   How do the the owner's get commercial driver's license?  Coming from outside moving in this has become a major obstacle to my plans.   Maybe insurmountable.   But so far, I just have very little grounded information from someone who really knows the rules and how they're administered.

Anybody with advice, contacts, info?

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