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Importing A Car  


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Joined: 2 weeks ago
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25/06/2020 12:50 pm  


I am moving to Portugal (Algarve) in August 2020 from Dubai and I would like to import my car, can anyone recommend an agent who can deal with all the paperwork in Portugal?

Also any further advice with importing a car would be much appreciated.


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29/06/2020 12:24 pm  

Hi @njh23

I have moved your post to give it more prominence.

I do not know an agent I can recommend in Portugal but assuming you intend to ship the car, I suggest it might be best to find a reputable freight forwarder in Dubai that specialises in car shipments. They will have an agent in Portugal and should be able to check out the requirements and advise you. I would tell them that you want a 'Customs Cleared' price with all duties and taxes paid and the car legally registered for use in Portugal. If you go ahead ahead with the shipment, also consider adding full insurance to the freight movement. 

There is a general section on Driving in Portugal on our site. You can view via this link:

Also, you might be interested in this blog from one of our members:


I hope this is helpful.

Kind regards


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29/06/2020 11:12 pm  

Hi  Njh23  

OK you want to import a Car. Who gave you the idea that the agent will take the papers and your car comes imported and you pay a fee.

You need Certificates of Conformity, you get those ideally English and Portuguese.

You go to the Consul and make a declaration that you are now resident in Portugal.

You go to the Customs to get the Forms that you need to get the car tested.

You take the car to be tested it's a special test and you have to go to the IPO test station that does the test..

Do you notice i keep saying YOU and how do i Know because i did everything that the agent had to do and i don't speak the language.

I went out one afternoon to find out from the Customs  i had to do to get my car legal. At 2.14pm the next day my car was legal.

If you use an agent you will do most of the work and pay about 500€. The agent will probably wait until he has a few to do and all he has to d is sign a few forms.

After you have done most of the work why not complete the task yourself.

First thing to do is find out your nearest Customs office and ask them what to do.



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