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Importing a motorbike - we've done it!

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Oh, yes, sirree, yesterday we finally managed to get all our paperwork together and pay the final fees to the DGV for our motorbike which we brought down from the UK last year. We are now the proud owners of 96-DQ-80!!

Would I do it again?

Not on your life!

About €400 and a lot of trials and tribulations and WAITING. And that doesn't include insurance, tax or fee for new numberplate.

Very proud of us, but I would not recommend it to anyone.

So if you are thinking about inporting a motor vehicle, think again.

If you're still wanting to, drop me a line ( and I can walk you through what we did. Bear in mind that this was for a motorbike and that the procedure for a car maybe different.

Cheers me dears.

And what's with this weather? I didn't come to Portugal to sit on my arse in the rain...

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Parabéns, auntyems.

As someone who did a car with some friends I know what you must have endured and suffered.

I agree...I would never do it again unless someone held a shot gun to my head...ha...ha....


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Was it a "classic" bike by any chance?

Would it have cost the same fees to import if it was?


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hmmm is it really that bad :(

Well, if all goes well and I get the chance to move over in a couple of years time... I will be in touch ;)


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Well, now you've done it, I hope you thoroughly enjoy it. Now all we need is the sun and dry roads! :D


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