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Porto to Toulouse Roadtrip

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Has anyone done this drive? What were your impressions? 

Thanks 😊 michele

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Hi Michele,

Not that journey specifically but in 2019 we drove from Central Portugal to Pompei on non-toll roads. We went via Madrid to Andorra (as we had not been to Andorra before and it was off-season, May) then through the eastern Pyrennes to Mèze and onwards via Toulon, Cannes, Nice, Monte Carlo, Genoa, Piza, Florence, Rome, Sorrento and finally Pompei.  Back via ferry from Civitevechia to Barcelona, across Spain, back to Portugal.

It was a great road trip!  So many unexpected experiences (happy to expand further).

Going non-toll road takes you through some wonderful places  in Portugal, Spain and France that in their time were part of the main travellers' routes - fantastic scenery, great architecture, unspoilt towns/villages and lovely welcoming places to stay. It was a very authentic experience, not fast but very authentic.

Going the toll road route is much faster but also it is more expensive and you miss so much of the landscape/culture of the places that you are travelling past.

Hope this assists,


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2019 were different times, when people we FREE and no government dared to interfere in our travel plans, at least for EU citizens.
Now we have to overcome virus testing, vaccine passports, curfews, new lockdowns, etc 🙁 🙁 
And soon "climate change" taxes and restrictions.

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Now that is a road trip! Definitely worth the time to explore with non-toll roads. That is how I would do it too. I can't imagine you would see much anyway on toll roads. Going back via the ferry to Barcelona is a brilliant idea. 


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