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Portuguese equivalent of SORN

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is there a portuguese equivalent of SORN ??

if so where is it and is it easy to 'manage'?

we are paying 3-400 a year in car tax and insurance/IPO and not even getting over to see, let alone use the car

I imagine there are wil be drawbacks to doing it, but I would like to investigate to see my options

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Not in Portugal.
According to Portuguese law, any vehicle having a registration plate has to be insured.
Even if the car is locked in a garage, it can be broken into and stolen and used in a robbery, in a getaway, it can cause damage, injure or kill someone. The owner will be liable. If you do not have insurance you will have to pay compensation, repair the damage and also pay a fine for not having valid insurance.
Paying taxes and inspection is also part of having a car 🙂

If you fail to pay insurance and taxes, you will be in breach of Portuguese law.

Stay safe!




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There is something similar to SORN but you have apply for the registration to be temporarily cancelled (5 years max) which will negate the need to pay IUC (road tax).

When the IPO (MOT) expires you will have to trailer it to an IPO station. There is no exemption in PT law for driving the car to a pre-arranged test like there is in the UK.

As for insurance, you may want to read this which relates to an unused and uninsured vehicle in Portugal that ended up in the European Court of Justice.



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