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UK => PT Driving Licence Swap

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I understand I have 2 years from the date on my residency certificate to swap my existing driving licence from UK to PT. 

And if I understand correctly, the UK licence is still valid until Dec 2021? (due to a recent extension that has been provided).

The problem I have is that I am still waiting on my SNS number for Portugal as there appears to be a large back log of applications + covid delays. And, in order to exchange the licence I need the doctor who performed to the medical to send the certificate via my SNS number (which I don't yet have).

I sent the other documents that are required for the licence swap and explained the situation several months ago and heard nothing, I then sent a follow up mail and heard nothing. 

Does anyone have any ideas on how I could speed up the licence exchange? 

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We got the SNS numbers in Loule quick and easy by email within a few days.
Also the medical was done online,, it was easy.

The thing that got stuck is the actual IMT exchange, as they had a by email system 2 months ago. We never heard back.
But now they have a new online form for the licence exchange which seemed to have worked fine, at least got a reply. And now waiting till 31/12/21 😀


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