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Detached House/Home Internet - Is Maderia a good option?

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I really am loving Funchal area. 
I am moving with my 15yo son and my 21yo daughter (who also works online). They are leaning towards living on the "mainland", but I haven't yet found a location I love as much as Maderia. 

Right now we live in (USA) a town that's about 100K people. I'm about an hour south of Dallas/Fort Worth and an hour north of Austin. So I'm looking for a town that is about a 100K people and about an hour-ish from a city. Maderia seems a good choice, as it's like $25-each way to pop over to Lisbon. Based on our current location, we only go to the "city" about every other month. 

We also absolutely require high speed internet (not just my mobile phone, but actual connection to home computer). I think most of PT offers this, but haven't figured out what areas would be not accomodating and off-list for us. 

Since I am not used to big cities or apartments, I want to find a single-family detached home. Would love to buy before going, but one of your videos suggested rent for a year, make sure you love the location, and always see real estate purchases in-person. So we're going to follow that advice. 


Thanks for any input! Appreciate you all!

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Madeira is beautiful! Lots to do, many microclimates and the usual great people and food. It is not like a big city though in my estimation. I am not an IT person but can tell you I did not have any difficulty with internet in Funchal as a visitor. Not sure if that is the same on all parts of the island. 



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