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I need to buy a printer

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Hi there. Not sure if there is search function on here to see if this has been answered before but I need to buy an inkjet printer and  despite a google search I still cannot work out what is the best store to buy one from (apart from Fnac)   Any suggestions. We are in Lisbon. 

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Hi DD,

Wortons would be my choice. Should you need it another time, the forum search function is on the top right side of this page under 'Search by Keywords.....'  😊 


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You can go to:

El corte Inglés
Media Markt

Some of them with online stores available 🙂




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I use Kuantokusta for these types of things, gives you a good check on prices

I have just bought a canon TS5350 from Nanochip (found through Kuantokusta), very happy with it and service and price (€80.90 inc €5 postage)

Other tech stores:

MicroCAOS - Loja de Informática Online

Chiptec | Loja Lisboa

Lojas informática Lisboa, CHIP7.pt - Informática ao Melhor Preço

Robert Mauser Lda. (more electronics, but some computer stuff)






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I am very UN-happy with my EPSON all-in-one printer-scanner-copier from FNAC. It is less than a year old and has been in the shop 3 times. EPSON service online is terrible, on the phone it's non-existent if you need help in a hurry. The local DATATECH agent who has fixed it the last 2 times is out of town and not available. SO I'm busy with year-end work and I'm up the creek with out a paddle. I don't know what to recommend but I know what to suggest you steer clear from. 



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