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Portugal Visa and SEF Questions Answered by Gilda Pereira of Ei! 18-10-2022

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YouTube Video is here.

The description chapters should be added in the next day. Gilda covered a multitude of migration questions. We will update this post soon! It was so much fun to spend an evening with Gilda! Expats Portugal Premium members receive a 10% discount on all services. You can upgrade here.

You can find Gilda in our business directory here:

Ei! Assessoria Migratória | Expats Portugal

Casa Portuguesa | Expats Portugal

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Here are the chapters for the above video.


0:00 Video intro

0:35 Introduction to Gilda Pereira

2:07 What’s new this week?

7:44 What is the criteria for job seekers visa?

9:08 How much is required in a Portugal bank for D7 visa?

10:08 What is the Boston Consulate like and are they efficient?

13:41 How long does the Golden Visa process take?

14:22 Can I stay in Portugal until I get pre-approval or stay in Portugal for the time between the pre-approval and SEF appointment?

15:50 Why doesn’t SEF hire more people?

19:46 Is SEF’s issue lack of funds for an online appoint system?

23:47 Does SEF consider dividends as passive or active income?

24:23 How long would it take to get residency for “Manifestações de Interesse”?

26:00 What does “we await a response from the competent authorities” mean?

27:34 Can I get part-time work in Portugal on a job seekers visa?

28:33 What is D7 bank requirement?

36:10 How will changes to SEF at the end of this year affect residency permit wait times?

37:30 Does Ei! help with Golden visa?

40:40 My husband is Portuguese and I am Canadian. Should we apply for family reunification through Article 15 or Article 98?

43:52 Any concessions SEF has made to D7 renewal if they were unable to be in Portugal?

45:12 Can we apply for D7 and family reunification at the same time?

46:08 How do you prove you haven’t been in Portugal to get NHR status?

47:48 How long does SEF take to make a decision? Can they refuse if the embassy gives initial approval?

49:27 I’ve had my D7 visa for a year. When do I renew?

50:04 Is a part-time job in Portugal combined with a pension have to total one year of Portugal minimum wage?

50:27 What type of visa would fit five to six months per year in Portugal?

51:53 Can I apply for a D7 with one year booking from a website without a contract for rent?

53:10 Do you need to register at Junta de Freguesia before D7 approval?

53:31 Refused applicants have one year lease agreement registered with Finanças. What can be wrong?

54:45 Portugal Consulate states birth/marriage certificate is valid for lifetime. Will SEF demand new certification?

57:35 How does applying with Montreal Canada stack up in wait time and ease of process?

58:12 Should I apply solo and then family reunification?

59:06 Any updates for D7 approvals from New Delhi?

59:57 Is it worth appealing a refusal?

1:01:35 Can SEF accept docs in French?


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