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Buying or Renting Property in Portugal with Casa Portuguesa 20-10-2022

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YouTube Video is here

Gilda Pereira from Casa Portuguesa and Daniel dos Reis with Reis & Pellicano International Lawyers answer questions and provide valuable information on renting or buying property in Portugal.  They will cover specifics about lease requirements for security a D7 visa and what you might forget to ask about the neighborhood you are seeking to secure property.  Expats Portugal Premium members receive a 10% discount on all services from Casa Portuguesa. You can upgrade here.

You can find Gilda in our business directory here:

Ei! Assessoria Migratória | Expats Portugal

Casa Portuguesa | Expats Portugal

Contact Daniel dos Reis here: Reis & Pellicano International Lawyers | Expats Portugal

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Here are the chapters for the above video.


0:00 Video intro

0:25 Introduction to Gilda Pereira

0:40 Introduction to Daniel dos Reis

2:00 What is the back story of Casa Portuguesa?

4:07 What does Daniel think about Casa Portuguesa?

5:33 Tell us about Ei!’s 100% success rate?

7:23 When should people engage with Casa Portuguesa?

8:58 Where in Portugal can you help people find a home?

9:32 How does the process work?

10:58 Where are you finding properties for most people?

11:30 What other cities are showing promise in the north?

12:22 What type of package will you send people?

12:53 What are people looking for and what do they forget to ask?

13:45 What is the law about pets in rentals?

16:28 Are there any tips that people overlook when searching for properties?

17:48 Are rental contracts like the US for pets?

18:38 Will the Digital Nomad visa require rent accommodations?

19:38 What are recent changes in low for rent accommodations?

22:32 What else is required with lease agreements?

24:00 How is housing in Coimbra?

24:46 Is it noisy in all university towns?

25:52 How much time between securing a lease and moving in?

29:20 Should you secure a property if you like it?

31:48 Is Tomar a good place for kids?

32:16 Can you ask if neighbors have pets?

34:43 Do rental fees include HOA/Condo fees?

35:32 If sharing an apartment, should everyone be on the lease?

37:34 How bad are the deposits for leases?

38:44 Why get a 12-month lease if the visa is only valid for four months?

39:30 If planning to buy when moving to Portugal, how long am I stuck with a lease? 41:37 How can Casa Portuguesa help and how much does it cost?

44:45 Casa Portuguesa is a buyer’s agent, correct?

46:24 Any last words, Daniel?

47:28 Any last words, Gilda?


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