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🎉Festas Em Honra de Jimmy Chew🐶😆

July 15 - July 19


Come and visit the Birth Place of Jimmy!
The Prince of the Munson Household has his very own festival in his hometown of AGUIM in the gorgeous Bairrada.
Their will be Processions, bands, fireworks and odes in his honour

The dog is asking me a question and I have no answer.

He dashes through the countryside and asks me wordlessly,

and his eyes are two moist question marks, two wet inquiring flames,

but I do not answer

because I haven’t got the answer. I have nothing to say.

Dog and man: together we roam the open countryside.

Leaves shine as if someone had kissed them one by one,

orange tress rise up from the earth raising minute planetariums

in trees that are as rounded and green as the night,

while we roam together, dog and man sniffling everything, jostling clover

in the countryside of Portugal cradled by the bright fingers of September

The dog makes stops, chases bees, leaps over restless water,

listens to far-off barking,

pees on a rock, and presents me the tip of his snout as if it were a gift:

it is the freshness of his love, his message of love.

And he asks me with both eyes: why is it daytime? why does night always fall?

why does spring bring nothing in its basket for wandering dogs but useless flowers,

flowers and more flowers?

This is how the dog asks questions and I do not reply.

Together we roam, man and dog bound together again by the bright green morning,

by the provocative empty solitude in which we alone, exist,

this union of dog and dew or poet and woods,

For these two companions, for these fellow-hunters, there is no lurking fowl

or secret berry but only birdsong and sweet smells,

a world moistened by night’s distillations, a green tunnel and then a meadow,

a gust of orangey air, the murmurings of roots, life on the move,

breathing and growing,

and the ancient friendship, the joy of being dog or being man

fused in a single beast that pads along on six feet,

wagging its dew-wet tail.

by penofthemagpie (with one cheeky change😉)


July 15
July 19
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Aguim, Anadia Portugal + Google Map

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