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Africa, just a stone’s throw away!

You must be wondering why you are reading about an African Safari company on a site about living Portugal.

When you come to think of it, Africa is the perfect destination for holiday makers out of Portugal due to its close proximity, wonderful beaches, amazing food culture and of course, captivating Safaris.

Expats Portugal caught up with Dan and Antoinette MacKenzie, a husband and wife team who have spent almost 25 years in the tourism industry and over 50 combined years living, working and travelling in Africa.

Antoinette grew up among the wildlife and majestic baobab trees of Northern South Africa and Dan’s parents moved from Canada to live in Africa when he was a baby. Their story is fascinating and you can read more on their Explorations Africa website.

Their company, Explorations Africa was originally set up while they were living in Canada, but this year, the couple are making the move permanently to Portugal, to live the expat lifestyle.

“On a gorgeous October morning 9 years ago, we stood on the sun-washed coast of St. Helena’s Bay in South Africa, admiring the memorial to Portuguese discoverer Vasco da Gama’s first landfall along the Southern African coast in 1497. Having grown up in South Africa, wedged between the previous Portuguese colonies of Angola and Mozambique, Portugal’s alluring Mediterranean influences had unknowingly infused our lives with its flavours. Little did we realize then that we were embarking on our own exciting voyage of discovery, one that would eventually lead us to emigrate and start a new life in Portugal,” said Antoinette.

Explorations Africa is unique to other travel agents as Dan and Antoinette are specialists when it comes to safaris. They’ve worked and lived the African safari experience for many years so creating individualized and unique safari adventures has become second nature.

They believe that getting to know their clients and finding out about who they are as people, helps guide them towards creating the perfect and unique African safari in any of the 12 African countries they specialise in. Their safaris range for all tastes and budgets, including:

  • Photographic safaris and workshops
  • Multi-generational family safaris
  • Weddings and honeymoons
  • Cycling, horseback riding, culture and adventure activities
  • Mobile Walking safaris
  • Escorted safaris – small groups of 6-8
  • Deluxe food and wine experiences

Did you know, the word “Safari” means ‘to journey’ in the local Swahili language of East Africa.

So why an African Safari?

There is a magic to the continent of Africa that defies words and explanation.

Imagine the roar of a lion into the dark night while you’re safely tucked up in bed. Or being surrounded by hundreds of elephants at sunset, taking in the spectacle of a million Wildebeest spread across the vast expanses of the Serengeti – it touches the soul like no other place on earth!

Here is a world of deep emotion and soul-enriching experiences that Dan and Antoinette have grown up with and long to have their guests make their own. Africa is their passion and its an experience they wish for everyone to have at least once in their lifetime.

Why should you consider using an expert?

Dan and Antoinette know how overwhelming the research into an African safari can be!

“The choices and options are endless, and you have no idea what will even suit you,” explains Antoinette.

“Inevitably you meet someone who has been to Africa before and they say that you really must do XYZ… Now you’re even more confused! To top it all off, what about the risks, is it even safe? You have so many questions and you don’t know where to start. Well, we completely understand and thankfully that’s exactly where our expertise lies – in creating a custom safari for every guest, that perfectly suits their hearts desires.”

If you’re intrigued and eager to know more about planning your next African safari, visit the Explorations Africa Website or contact Dan and Antoinette.

You can also follow Explorations Africa via social media.


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