Explore Job Opportunities in Portugal: A Guide

Looking for job opportunities in Portugal? Curious about what the job market here has to offer? You’re in the right place! Portugal, known for its stunning beaches and rich history, is also a growing hub for diverse industries. From tech to tourism, there’s something for everyone. 

But how do expats navigate this market? We’ll break down everything you need to know, from the best industries to apply to visa requirements. We’ll also introduce you to our team at Expats Portugal, an organization that helps people like you to smoothly transition to Portugal. 

Stick around to discover how you can kickstart your career in this beautiful country! Ready to explore? Let’s get started.

Portugal’s Job Market: A Quick Look

In recent months, Portugal’s job market has seen quite a stir. Reports from Portugal Resident show a big jump in job openings. 

Specifically, from July to September 2022, over 60,000 job opportunities in Portugal were waiting to be filled. If you compare this to the same time in 2021, it’s a 43.9% increase. Even looking at the earlier part of 2022, the numbers went up by 19.9%. 

This tells us two things. One, businesses are really looking for workers. Two, there are plenty of chances for job seekers right now. Whether you’re already in Portugal or thinking of moving, these numbers are encouraging. Check out our Expats Portugal forum, in case you need help. 

Which Industry Has the Most In-demand Workers in Portugal? 

Technology Sector

The tech industry stands out in Portugal. There’s a high demand for software developers, data analysts, and cybersecurity experts.

Tourism and Hospitality

With its beautiful landscapes and rich history, Portugal attracts tourists from all over the world. This means hotels, restaurants, and tour companies need more hands. 


Healthcare is another field with a big need for professionals. Nurses, doctors, and medical technicians are highly sought after. 


Construction has always been a cornerstone of the job market, and Portugal is no exception. Skilled laborers, engineers, and architects are needed to build homes, offices, and infrastructure. 


Teachers, especially in languages and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), are in short supply. Schools and universities are searching for educators.

Essential Requirements for Working in Portugal

When you look for job opportunities in Portugal, it’s better to consider their set of requirements once you’re accepted. Here’s a rundown:

Work Visas:

  • EU Citizens: They don’t need a work permit but must secure a job and get a residency card within six months.
  • Non-EU Citizens: A work visa is necessary. For short-term contracts, a temporary stay visa works, valid for up to three months.

Language Skills:

  • Portuguese: Being fluent helps but isn’t a must. English speakers find opportunities, especially in tourism and multinational firms.
  • Other Languages: Skills in German, French, or Spanish benefit those in tourism.

Recognizing Qualifications:

  • Bologna Process Countries: Most European qualifications are automatically recognized.
  • Non-Bologna Countries: Check with Portugal’s NARIC to ensure your qualifications are valid.

Tax and Social Security:

  • Everyone needs a Número de Identificação Fiscal (NIF) for work, taxes, and social security. Get this from the local tax office.

Working in Portugal: The Ups and Downs


One of the best things about working in Portugal is the work-life balance. People here value their time off, meaning you get to enjoy life outside of work. The country offers stunning landscapes and a warm climate, making it a great place for outdoor lovers. Plus, Portugal’s cost of living is relatively low compared to other Western European countries. This can make everyday life more affordable.

In the workplace, there’s a strong sense of community. Portuguese culture is welcoming, and you’ll find this friendliness extends to the office too. Also, for those looking to work in tech, tourism, or renewable energy, Portugal’s job market is ripe with opportunities. The country is becoming a hotspot for innovation, especially in Lisbon and Porto.


One of the drawbacks of working in Portugal is the salary. Wages in Portugal, which is at a minimum of €820.00 ($879) per month, are lower than the European average. Another challenge is the bureaucracy. Sometimes, getting the right paperwork can feel like a marathon.

And if you don’t speak Portuguese, finding a job might be tougher. While there are positions that only require English, knowing the local language opens up many more doors. Lastly, the job market can be competitive, especially for high-demand roles. 

Real Expat Stories: Life and Work in Portugal

Our members at Expat Portugal, from diverse corners of the world, share their journeys of moving to Portugal and the life they’ve built here. 

Louise Ross, with a rich history of living abroad, chose Portugal for its quality of life, which reminded her of Europe’s charm. Starting a business focused on English teaching and integration services, she found her community among locals and expats alike. Transitioning from bustling Vancouver to the serene streets of Lisbon, Louise sought a safer, more enriching environment for her family, despite challenges in fully integrating initially.

Paula Dreyfess, leaving behind the corporate hustle of Southern California, was drawn to Porto for retirement, valuing Portugal’s healthcare, affordable living, and welcoming climate. Facing initial hurdles like visa processing and pet relocation, Paula found solace in Porto’s vibrant culture, the warmth of its people, and the simplicity of life here. 

Both Louise and Paula emphasize the importance of financial and administrative preparation, the ease of social connections despite language barriers, and the joy of discovering Portugal’s cultural and natural bounty.

Have Questions? Let Us Help You at Expats Portugal! 

At Expats Portugal, we’re all about making your move as smooth as silk. Since 2005, we’ve been the registered office for anyone dreaming of a new life under the Portuguese sun. 

Need someone to talk to about where to start with the best job opportunities in Portugal? We’ve got you. From finding the perfect home to understanding local customs, our personalized advice is just what you need.

So, why go it alone when you can have a team and a whole community cheering you on? Let Expats Portugal be your compass to a life filled with new adventures, friends, and unforgettable experiences in Portugal. Your journey starts here, and we can’t wait to welcome you.


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