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Excellent, Friendly & Professional Service Service

July 16, 2024

We recently had a wonderful consultation with Gerry and Astrid which exceeded our expectations. They were friendly, professional, extremely helpful, knowledgeable and quite thorough. We were able to ask all the questions we had and felt we got concrete information that was helpful and realistic. The consultation fee was well worth spending!


Very helpful consultation with Gerry

July 16, 2024

I recently had an hour’s consultation with Gerry and now feel much less stressed about my proposed move to Portugal.

Gerry was incredibly helpful and reassuring about getting the help I will need along the way, I’m on my own so it’s a bit scary!

I’m a little while off needing practical help at the moment but it’s very good to know Gerry and the team will be there when I do.

Diane Oliver

Exceeded Expectations: Insightful and Thorough Consultation

July 13, 2024

I recently had a one-hour consultation session with Gerry and Astrid, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience. The session was incredibly informative and exceeded all my expectations.

From the start, Gerry and Astrid were welcoming and insightful, addressing my numerous questions about relocating to Portugal, visa options, and potential living areas. They provided thorough and detailed information on various visa options, including the Golden Visa and D8 visa, and helped me understand the best path for my family’s needs.

The follow-up email from Gerry was prompt and comprehensive, containing useful introductions to key contacts to help me decide my path forward. Additionally, the resources provided were invaluable and completely customized to my needs.

Overall, the consultation provided me with a wealth of information and a clear path forward. The follow-up was impeccable, with all necessary contacts and resources provided efficiently. I highly recommend Expats Portugal for anyone considering a move to Portugal. Their expertise, professionalism, and personalized approach make the process much smoother and more manageable.

Thank you, Gerry and Astrid, for your exceptional support!


An Effective and Unique Service

July 12, 2024

Now my Wife and I are living, really living in Portugal after escaping our dreary UK existence it’s time to report in on our impressions of this ‘Expats Portugal’ creation. Unique and Effective as above so below. Gerry and the ‘Dream Team’ have really taken so much trouble and strife out of the immigration process there really isn’t space to bestow enough praise here. We’ve been here not even one month yet and already have a long term rental, NIF and Crue under our belts and the rest is in hand and processing. Bank Accounts about to come through and our final UK strings about to be cut with pleasure. Massive thanks in particular to EI Migration, all there especially Mariana Henriques and Sara Santos who so far have been our main contacts and are both personal, professional and simply brilliant!

Coming to see NuNu next for our insurance.

Mario Rachel

Worth their weight in gold

June 24, 2024

Our D7 Visas were just approved, we have our plane tickets and we’ll be arriving in Porto a few weeks. I cannot imagine how difficult this would have been without the entire Expats Portugal team. We have been members for 2 years and it has been more than worth it.

We relied exclusively on Expat Portugal businesses and the customer service has been exceptional and also personable. A lot of very kind and knowledgeable people. Our personal consultation with Gerry was worth the price of premium membership in and of itself. He really helped us smooth out our plan and gave us fantastic advice based on our situation.

We used Ei! as well as Casa Portuguesa for our visas and rentals and I cannot say enough good things about them. They are so helpful, responsive, knowledgeable, and kind words fail me (thank you to Hivana, Sara, and Carolina at Ei! / Casa Portuguesa).

We used Winsurance for our travel and private insurance, Helana and Nuno are knowledgeable, kind, and personally supportive. Very pleased with our insurance!

We used Spartan FX for our money transfers, a big thank you to Steve Flack for his help and support.

Also a big shout out to the entire Expats Portugal community, a lot of people who are members here helped to give us the confidence to take what is truly a huge and life-changing step that can be fraught with street.

Sean Overby