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Awesome service

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 21, 2024

I started my journey about a year ago with Expats Portugal when I was first looking into moving here full time. Here I am a year later living & loving Burgau in the Western Algarve! Expats Portugal and the connections I’ve made through your service i.e. Carl Munson, Ei!, and The Dream Team have all played a major role in making this dream a reality!

Nuno of Winsurance was very helpful to me for insurance needs and Daniel of Reis & Pellicano helped me out with some legal mess on one of my property purchases ( I have purchased 5 homes here, I have since sold three and have two currently on the market) and of course Gilda and her staff at Ei! are just tops and played a major role in planning my move. Plus I really appreciated the 10% discount on these services which saved me a bundle as part of my membership!

I look forward to another year of your awesome service.


Fabulous Thursday night webinars!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
February 8, 2024

Muito Obrigada, to all of you at Expats Portugal and Dream Team, who spend your free time on Thursday nights, every week, to help us with all of our “moving to and navigating in Portugal” questions. Truly, much appreciated. 🙂


Unbelievably helpful.

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 30, 2024

I can’t express how grateful I am to have found Expats Portugal. They are so helpful and generous and informative, and worth every single penny for membership. one of the things you get upon membership is an hour with an expert from Expats Portugal. I met with Jacqui and couldn’t be more impressed with her knowledge, enthusiasm, and helpfulness. If you are thinking of moving to Portugal, I highly recommend joining Expats Portugal.


Simply the best!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 19, 2024

After spending an obscene amount of money on an immigration attorney in Lisbon to help us through the move, I discovered ExpatsPt and everything we’ve done since and all the people we’ve hired have been due to their recommendations and vetting, so much so we even fired the former attorney and hired EI!. We’ve been here 6 weeks and couldn’t have done it without all the expertise Expats provided. We’ve had 3 excellent medical consultations with specialists thanks to Tiago at Serenity, have an NHR residency appointment in 2 weeks, an excellent consultation with Jason at Holborn about investing, and bought our health insurance through Nuno at Winsurance. In other words, our whole move has been handled by Expats referrals and it’s been so smooth and pleasant, we’re pretty amazed. Yes there are bureaucratic delays with the change from SEF to AIME, yes we occasionally find a person who can’t help us with English and our Portuguese doesn’t exist yet, but so far we are totally in love with Portugal and so grateful for how easy the transition was thanks to Expats.

Dotty Hopkins

I had hoped for more specifics.

Rated 3.0 out of 5
January 16, 2024

I had a lovely chat with my expatportugal person last week. That said, after reading many reviews about how incredibly great this service is, I thought my tax questions would be answered. I even sent them ahead of the session. I had already paid the private consultation fee when I was told that my tax questions could be answered by the tax person named Duarte, not included in my 130 euro fee. I went along with the consultation because I am fairly new to researching my move. I didn’t know if I could cancel and get a refund and I decided to hope for the best. I have done a lot of research and have found several excellent sites with helpful info for free. Not that expatsportugal isn’t helpful to some, but it is a bit expensive. My suggestion to the powers that be is to be more transparent about what you can actually provide for 130 euros.

Barbara Lamb

Response from Expats Portugal

Thank you for your comments Barbara.

While we can give a general overview of taxation in Portugal, we are not certified accountants and it would be wrong and unprofessional of us to give specific tax advice. We did receive your tax questions ahead of the consultation and we replied to your email to say that we could not advise specifically on these matters and will recommend an expert who can. This was all done ahead of the consultation with us which could have been cancelled at any time. However, we note your point that the description could be misleading and we will make some adjustment to clarify this on our website and other communications. Thanks again for bringing this matter to our attention.

To cover your additional questions, your consultation with us ran to almost 1.5 hours and we have also offered a follow up session on another matter – all at no additional cost. We do care that we are offering value for money and wherever possible, we try to exceed expectations.