Bringing your pet into Portugal

If you bring a pet from any country into Portugal, the EU rules apply. This requires vaccination against rabies to be documented in the pet passport or the animal health certificate. This is the sole requirement for dogs and cats. Click here for more information. (The EU rules also include ferrets. However, Portugal has banned the importation of domestic ferrets in order to avoid cross breeding with indigenous wild ferrets. Whilst this contradicts the EU rules, it is recommended that you check the latest information with the Portuguese authorities.) Click here for more information.

Keeping your pet in Portugal

You must also register your pet in Portugal with the local council and it is mandatory to follow the vaccination program. To register you will need:

  • An up to date animal health card.
  • The identifying microchip.
  • For breeds considered dangerous, you must provide your criminal history.
  • Civil liability insurance.
  • Certificate proving your physical and mental health.
  • Proof that the animal has been spayed or neutered.

The registration licence must be renewed annual at an approximate cost of €20.

Animals in all common or public places must be on a lead and wear an identification collar to include the owner’s telephone number or address.

For breeds considered dangerous, the animal must wear a muzzle.

Further information about animal registration and the general legislation can be viewed here here.

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