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Re: Midwives

Hi Pagan, Thanks for the response. I can't imagine someone who earns there living through this wouldn't want to be identified, albeit if you can't write it publicly, are you able to PM me? I would rea...

In forum Parents/Children

4 years ago
General Hardware like B&Q and Malls

Are there any large hardware stores such as Leroy Merlin or similar nearby Sobreira Formosa? Also looking for any large malls, large Electronic shops that sell printers and general furniture stores an...

In forum Miscellaneous

4 years ago

Hello, Me and my partner are moving to Portugal (Region: Proença-a-Nova) and we are searching for an English speaking midwife, as i am giving birth to our first child there. We have done some researc...

In forum Parents/Children

4 years ago


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