Meet Your "Moving to & Living in Portugal" Dream Team!

Moving to Portugal can be an exciting, emotional and sometimes stressful proposition

Introducing our friendly and carefully selected experts in all areas related to moving to or settling in Portugal.

It can be overwhelming searching the internet for trustworthy professionals who can help you with your dream to move to or settle in Portugal. 

Expats Portugal has been helping people since 2005 with our network of professionals, perfect with English language, and highly recommended by our other members. Meet our Dream Team below and Plus and Premium Members are invited to join them live every Thursday evening (Portugal time) online from the comfort of your own home. See our EVENTS calendar to request your link.

Daniel dos Reis

“I can help you move to or settle in Portugal by providing legal assistance in; property acquisitions, company incorporations, contract elaboration, Portuguese nationality, tax law.”

Wiley Lundqvist

“I can help you move to or settle in Portugal by making your transition from there to here as easy as possible. Upon deciding to work together (which is at no cost to you), I will research potential properties, assist with banking contacts, legal contacts and mortgage contacts. When we find your property, I will stand by you through the entire process. Afterwards, I can help with renovators, decorators, re-upholsterers, antique outlets and the like. I look forward to walking through the entire process together with you. Welcome home to Cascais!”

Jason Swan

“I can help you move to or settle in Portugal by preparing your financial plan. Moving to Portugal can be complicated enough, without worrying about your income and taxes. Learning the language is hard enough – I take away any worries regarding your financial and retirement planning, all in line with Portuguese tax laws and available concessions as a new resident. You’re welcome to ask me any questions on the topics above, being an Expat living in the Algarve myself, you’ll find it hard to ask a question I’ve not answered many times before! I offer a free initial consultation so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.”

Luis Duarte

“I can help you move to or settle in Portugal by helping you to understand the best ways to do all the mobility of your move, from all the necessary paper work on the VISAs, to house search, finishing with moving your personal belongings or vehicles and obviously our Pet Family members, in all the stages of the process, until all is well in Portugal.”

Pieter & Alice van Nuenen

“We can help you move to or settle in Portugal by specializing in expat relocations and orienting newcomers to the Portuguese real estate market. We offer a wide spectrum of services to help everyone wherever they are on the continuum of making a move to Portugal. Whether you have decided to relocate but would like guidance in determining what part of Portugal (or even what neighborhood in a given city!) might best suit your family’s needs or whether you need expert guidance from a local to navigate the Portuguese real estate market, or if you’ve identified a property and would like someone to represent you in negotiations, we can help. With our fluency in 6 languages (English, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese), you can feel comfortable that the staff of The Portugal Company will understand your needs and be able to communicate your expectations in all negotiations. Relocating to a foreign country can be daunting. We help take the fear of the unknown out of the equation.”

Romain Palluel

“I can help you understand how Portuguese banks work in obtaining your mortgage, and help you get the best conditions. My role is to accompany you right up to the notary’s deed, and to coordinate with all the parties involved (lawyer, real estate agent, bank) so that you never feel alone and that the process doesn’t seem complicated, despite the language barrier and the different conditions of access to credit in each country.”

Henry Kent

“I can help you move to or settle in Portugal by offering a wide range of financial solutions. Whether you’re preparing for retirement, saving for your children’s education, looking for better returns on your current savings, or simply seeking to gain better control over your finances, I can provide essential guidance on tax-efficient strategies and investment planning tailored to your unique situation. This guidance can be offered before you even make the move to Portugal or once you are in the country. With my expertise, I can ensure that your financial foundation is solid.”

Carolina Muralha

“I can help you set up in Portugal by finding your new forever home. It will be a journey and Casa Portuguesa will be by your side every step of the way, from visits and negotiation to the review and signing of the final contract. Together, we will find the home that will be the heart of your adventure of coming to live in Portugal.”

Duarte Amaral da Cruz

“I can help you move to or settle in Portugal by providing tax assistance, including tax planning, consultancy and tax obligations.

Sarah Davie

Myself, Ben, Steve and all of the Spartan FX team can help you move your money to Portugal. Our goal is to help make the process of moving money as stress-free as possible. While saving you money and giving you peace of mind, knowing your money is being transferred safely and efficiently.

Whether you are paying for a visa, NIF, lawyers’ fees, buying or renting a property or topping up your local Portuguese bank account, we have a solution for you. We help make these payments more cost-effective and minimise payment delays to ensure your money arrives in Portugal on time.

Watch me on the Dream Team show, where I share our money-saving tips and what you need to consider when moving your money to Portugal.

Charie Banal

“I can help you with your US tax compliance requirements while living and working in Portugal.

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