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Hi All, we’re looking for a company that can assist us with tax advice before our move from the UK to Portugal and to continue long after our move. As we want a long term relationship we want to find a friendly professional company. It seems Blevins Franks and Belion are the two that keep coming up. Does anyone have experience with these companies that can help us choose. Many thanks. 

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try soverign trust in lagoa algarve


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We were looking for an accountant to help us with this years taxes for 2023. We went to AFM.  I do not recommend them.  They seem to charge way to much. They went to the Portuguese web site and told us according to Portugal we have been residents of the country for 7 days so we basically owe no taxes.  AFM originally wanted to charge us over 400 euros, we negotiated down to just over 200 euros which I felt was still way to much considering we owed nothing and they had to do nothing.  We will be looking for a new accountant for next year.


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Has anyone used Fresh Portugal? They do both Portugal and your home country’s filing.

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@retiredrrt I attend their webinars and have been following them for quite some time. I think our returns are so simple that their cost is more than we are willing to pay. I have used AFM for the past two years in PT and filed our own US returns. We will probably start doing our own PT returns now that we are up to speed on them.


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