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UK driving Licence exchange – what you'll need…

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I have made some in-roads to this (a slight pun) and now post a British based solution in this forum. You’ll need to obtain some things from DVLA firstly:

1. A document (D737) from the DVLA which is the authenticity document to prove your licence is genuine. You’ll have to phone directly 0300 790 6801 and plough through the automated system until you reach a human. There’s no online alternative to this, I looked and no alternative exists.

2. A driving licence catagories summary which shows your vehicle classes and and points and endorsements. This IS available online from and you’ll need your licence number etc. for security.

3. If you want only to keep your car, car and trailer and bike classes then you only need a medical. I got this done via and it’s a video call with a consultant who will ask you about your medical history and perform an eyetest – all online. This cost 49 Euro but was simple as pie. DrOnline also perform most of the documentation and submit to IMT. (If you want to keep the truck and other catagories then a psyc. evaluation will be needed).

4. You WILL also need your NIF, SNS medical number, Residency Card number, Portuguese address etc.etc. It seems like the beaurocrasy knows no bounds….

I will update this in due course as to the success of my licence journey, wish me luck as I push through the forest of red tape. Keep an eye out for the updates……..


Andrew a.k.a. PORTUGLISH a.k.a. advanced-engineer


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Very helpful for others here! If you followed up with a post of your process, I’m sure it would be super useful for the forum. We did ours during covid (UK license) and a few years ago, so our knowledge may be out of date. We were just helping American friends with their process, through the online application at IMT.


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