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When is it slow vs unresponsive vs nagging necessary

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At what point do you give up on waiting for a response from a “professional” and move on? 

I’ve had communication with a couple of “professionals” who have dropped from the face of the earth. 

or do Portuguese “professionals” need constant reminders?

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@johnfnewman We have seen email communications pause due to our emails being flagged as spam. Sometimes we have just had large delays for some reason. I always resort to a call to clear up any lack of communications.

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@johnfnewman I’m just replying so you have a response here instead of another black hole 😀   If you are using email, perhaps try a phone call instead. Also, many people in Portugal use WhatsApp for communication. So that may be another angle to try, provided you can get the contact number of the person once you have a relationship. If you’re talking about the immigration agency promoted heavily by this forum, that agency is known to be slow to respond. For anything else, well in general, if one route is not working you might try another. Once you find the way they prefer to respond/interact then stick with that method. Personally I give people a week and then follow up. And that may go on for weeks until I actually get the information I need. I think the balance I try to strike is nudging rather than prodding. So I let some time go by then follow up again. And I always try to be nice in the correspondence and thank them. I wish you good success.


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