Grape Picking 2022
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Grape Picking 2022

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Dear friends,

Once again, the grape picking of Encosta da Criveira, in Penela, will take place on the 3rd and 24th of September 2022. On the 3rd, the white grapes will be picked and on the 24th, the black grapes.

As always, it will be a day with a lot of fun, with some work, but also lots of joy, food and drink!

For those who don’t know yet how it is, we just pick the grapes in the morning, with a break to eat and drink, and at lunchtime, we all go to have lunch at Mr. Luís Reis and Mrs. Isaura Reis, owners of Encosta da Criveira, and then lunch continues in the afternoon… 

Personally, I will participate on the 24th.

I would like you to tell me when you want to participate and how many people are coming. Later, we can arrange the time and place of meeting.

For those who want to participate on the 3rd, you can contact Mr. Luís Reis directly on 963788106, by WhatsApp or on his Facebook page.

Hope to see you all!



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Fantastic! What a great fun and super way to mix with the local community.

Coincidently I had just posted similar events for here in the Bairrada region in the Events section. It may interest some members that some of the big wineries are looking for full-time employees for the season if you fancy a little extra cash 😉 


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