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We are looking in many areas and have a Lab that loves to swim. The ocean is a bit rough so would like to swim her in lagoons or bays. I can see the Algarve would be easy. Foz do Arelho, Sao Martinho de Porto seem like they could work. We also like Aveiro and Coimbra but access to water seems difficult. Am I wrong? Also going to Porto. What about there?



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@retiredrrt There’s also Lagoa de Albufeira, in Sesimbra municipality.

The ocean in the north is even colder and rougher than in the south, and I’m not aware of any lagoons there, only rivers (and dams).

Sines’ bay is also nice, but the southern coast might put you in (bad) contact with weevers (or weeverfish).

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@retiredrrt We live in Sao Martinho and it is very dog friendly. Murphy is a big white lab and he has been welcomed by humans and dogs alike. He loves to swim as well and can often be seen making a mad dash right into the water. Many of the cafes and restaurants have also welcomed us when we had Murphy with us.

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Across the Alentejo, because of the dryness there are reservoirs all over, perhaps that would be fun for your dog! At least in our area of the central Alentejo. Also the water is warmer than the Atlantic! We love to swim in them ourselves too


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