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Traveling to Lisbon airport from within the EU

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Hi there, 

I’m traveling with two dogs from Frankfurt to Lisbon.

The dogs have been in the EU for over a month and have EU passports/ISO microchips/rabies vaccination. This is their first time traveling within the EU and our first time to Lisbon. 

What is the process to reunite with my dogs upon arrival in Lisbon? Should I budget in substantial time before our airport transfer?

I contacted the Lisbon vet/customs to make appointments but was told this was unnecessary for dogs traveling within the EU.

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We arrived in Porto last year with a dog, but he had come with us in the cabin (little guy). At first the customs guys asked us to go see the airport vet, but then when they realized we had come from Frankfurt they just waved us through. Since then we’ve come back from Munich with him and had no issues or stops. I can’t speak to the time it takes to claim them if they’re traveling in the hold. Generally checked bags are slow to come out, so if you have some they may take longer than your dogs.


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