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Why you should consider a Travel Expert

After too many weeks of lockdown and isolation, we’re seeing an increase in travel inquiries and a renewed optimism that families and friends are eager to get out on meaningful trips with loved ones. 

Weeks of self-reflection and the renewed realization that our time on earth is borrowed, has made it obvious that the only thing that we really are left craving at the end of the day, is relationships and nature.

At the onset of Corona, a wave of travel horror stories were highlighted on the news – people stranded in foreign countries with cancelled flights and no assistance. Thousands upon thousands of dollars were lost, blame was passed (often unfairly) and tempers and indignation flared. How do we ever travel safely again? How do we ensure we’re protected? In the past years, the internet has really brought the world to our doorstep and made self-booked travel a common reality. The introduction of the simple phrase “just Google it” tells the story in its simplest terms and it’s amazing that in a matter of minutes and at the click of a button you can research and book an exotic trip half a world away! What more do you need? Surely travel agents have become archaic?

The reality is, however, that besides the back-up a great travel expert affords, the wealth of online options we enjoy, can very quickly overwhelm and confuse us as readily as they can help us. With any amount of research, it very quickly becomes apparent that not all trips (an African safari or any other major customized trip for example) fall in the same category as planning a European trip or your next sun vacation! Moreover, the larger the trip, the investment in money, time and emotion tends to be significantly higher and not a decision that you really want to make as a shot in the dark.

So, let us explore the benefits of using a travel specialist in part 1 of this 2 part series.

You get to define what “value” means

Each and every one of us approaches life from a very unique perspective and most big trips are on your “bucket list” for emotional and not logical reasons! It reflects a desire and longing based on what you consider important and that needs to drive what you experience, where you go and what you see.  A destination specialist is one who can translate the yeaning in your heart into a life-changing experience, not simply send you on a generic, one size fits all package tour. 

Only an expert can really translate “value” into an experience

There’s a world of difference between someone who’s been on a couple of familiarization trips and someone who has an extensive personal history with a destination. Understanding the nuances of seasons, culture, history, location and wildlife enable them to make informed recommendations based on personal experience. As an added value, there is an unquantifiable value in the long term and personal relationships they’ve been able to foster with the people and suppliers on the ground, all built over years of personal experience.

You deserve to be part of the planning

This may seem to be a rather pedantic point but it’s actually crucial. Think about it. The people in your life that you most readily trust are those who take the time and go to the effort to really get to know you as an individual. You’re investing your very valuable time and money to a specific experience! Surely your trust deserves someone who also values your dreams enough to spend real time and relational currency to hear and understand what it is you long for?

You have a wealth of local knowledge at your disposal

Knowing that a short distance on the map really translates into a long drawn out schlepp on the ground can be invaluable as well incredibly important to your wellbeing, let alone the enjoyment of your trip. The little details that you’d never think of can so often turn out to be the major issues on a customized trip.

Join us next month as we discuss further reasons why using an expert is a great idea.  Feel free to call me with any questions or to talk about a customized safari to Africa. / 1-833-747-2266

If you’re intrigued and eager to know more about planning your next African safari, visit the Explorations Africa Website or contact Dan and Antoinette.

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