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Ana Vieira

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About Ana

Born and raised in Lisbon, I moved to Cascais in 2006 for love and to live a quieter and better quality of life.

My background is in communication and I worked for several years as a journalist. Now I’m a work from home mom in social media and online marketing.

I also manage my own Airbnb – a little apartment in Cascais.

I love to travel and meet new people and different cultures.

Ask me about Cascais, Estoril, Lisbon or Ourém, and general questions about Portugal. I will be happy to introduce you to this beautiful country.

  • Life stage: Living near the coast, business owner, with young kids at home
  • Speaks: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese
  • Interests include: Traveling, reading, hosting people from all over the world, volunteering with kids

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6 reviews for Ana Vieira

  1. Dom

    Ana was very informative and helpful as we were trying to finalise our decision to move to Cascais over the Algarve. She gave us lots of advice on the different areas of Cascais and Estoril and the type of accommodation in each area, local transport, schools (international and local) , ideas on making friends with both expat and Portuguese . We will definitely meet up with Ana when we come over for our scouting visit to Cascais post Covid 19 so we can get to know the area better and help us decide which part to live in.

    Ana then followed up our chat with en email covering much of what we had discussed and links to websites that would be helpful.

    It has made us even more excited and keen to move to Cascais and helped in our decision making.

    Thank you Ana.

    Dominic and Lisa

  2. RonExpatPortugal (verified owner)

    I just finished a virtual meeting with Ana and was very pleased with the depth of information that she was able to provide me. She was great at answering all my prepared questions and giving me sound advice that helped convince me that the Cascais/Estoril area was a good fit for my lifestyle. I had specific requirements concerning living without a car as a means of transportation and she guided me thru the different options available and the costs of each. I have to say she is a good representative for the Cascais area and I am very excited to be in Portugal soon.
    She followed up our chat with an extensive list of links and notes that will be invaluable as I continue my decision making process. Thank you Ana for the nice chat and I look forward to thanking you in person. Ron Shea

  3. EnSu (verified owner)

    I just finished a virtual meeting with Ana- what a pleasure! The wealth of information with very thoughtful details; the attention to every question (replied in writing before the meeting ) and discussed during the session; the willingness and enthusiasm to share her knowledge; very honest opinion/advise sharing; extremely warm personality made the session very informative and highly enjoyable. I wish we can get on a plane tonight and travel straight to Cascais!! Highly, highly recommend time with Ana. There is no doubt we will be leveraging another service provided by Ana when we will arrive there. Job very well done!!! Great thank you and very best regards Ena

  4. PortugalDream (verified owner)

    I am very pleased with my chat with Ana who could answer all my questions about Cascais and the various neighbourhoods, and gave a very informative and detailed overview of life in Cascais. Ana came very prepared to the meeting and even showed a map of Cascais as she was explaining the different neighbourhoods. She was extremely easy to speak to, very service minded and enthusiastic to address any questions. She then followed up with a very detailed email covering everything we talked about including a list of links to websites that are invaluable in my continued process of deciding whether Cascais would suit my lifestyle. I would highly recommend contacting Ana for any queries about Cascais. I am really looking forward to meet up with Ana during my upcoming scouting trip. Thank you so much Ana!

  5. johnhodges (verified owner)

    Had a session with Ana today which was great. Ana came very well prepared based on my outline for what I was looking for. I know she is very fond of Cascais 🙂 but was very open and honest about other areas that I was interested in and also came up with other suggestions I had not considered. She was able to help with questions around visas, health insurance, travel etc. Did not seem that she could not answer any question that I came up with. I would highly recommend Ana for anyone like me who has lots of questions and need some help and guidance.

  6. amor_67 (verified owner)

    As we have been preparing for scouting PT soon, so many questions came up. We watched and listened to Ana during the webinars on different topics and although we are not considering Cascais we decided to book a session with her, trusting that she would have answers to our questions. She did not disappoint!! As we filled out the questionnaire she knew what we were into and shed so much light on that and presented a multitude of other possibilities. I think she really researched for our session plus she knows a lot already. On top of that she gave us so much extra time we were simply humbled by her generosity. We are planning to meet her when we are in Portugal. It will be a pleasure and a treasure!! Thank you Ana!!!

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Currently lives: Cascais, Cascais Municipality

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