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We've been here for six months, and...

June 9, 2024

We’ve been here for six months…and just to make it blunt, we probably would not have made it without Expats Portugal (EP). Gerry has been an absolute pleasure to know and work with. He was approachable and responsive to our questions and in helping us find local people to help get things done. We bought a home while still living in the US and Andreia and Daniel from Reis & Pellicano were critical in ironing out a valid contract and working long hours to make an outbuilding legalized. Steve Flack at SpartanFX and the immigration experts at Ei were indispensable in moving money and getting proper immigration paperwork. Nuno and Camila from Winsurance have been great helping us get the proper insurance. Joao Amaral, at Rorizcar in Ourem, helped both of us find excellent used cars at reasonable prices. We love the forums and have made many friends here as a result. To sum, we probably would not have made it through all the hurdles without EP and their expert resources. I highly recommend EP folks and their associates to make the move more easily and without costly mistakes.

Dwight Miller

Professional and friendly

June 6, 2024

Gerry and his team are an excellent resource for those looking to move to Portugal. We’ve had three in-person and online meetings so far and not only do they know the ropes, but they are all Portuguese (and Irish 🙂 friendly. I appreciate how with each unique situation regarding our D7 process they provide the best workable options in an honest and straightforward fashion while helping us reach our goals. You’re in good hands with Expats Portugal

Steve Werthman

What a fabulous team Expats Portugal has put together!

May 31, 2024

To all of the administration and partners of Expats Portugal,

I always enjoy being with all of you on your super-informative weekly events. Thanks to you, we are working with Ei! (Diana and Gilda) who performed a miracle in getting our NHR’s just under the wire last October and Conceito for doing our taxes (Duarte Cruz and João Rogelio). Thank you so much for all the support that you offer us which gives us such invaluable peace of mind. You are all very much appreciated.

Jennifer Adrian-Thiroux

A great website, well managed

May 29, 2024

Highly recommend the forum, a great community. Well moderated keeping everything pleasant. The rules are well balanced and easy to follow. Thank you to Gerry the admin who has been very helpful


Response from Expats Portugal

Thank you for your kind comments Elizabeth. However I must point out that we have a team of moderators working diligently in the background. We do try very hard to keep the forum ‘on-point’, free of direct advertisements and spam and most importantly a place were our members can post safely and securely. Your thoughtful comments are very much appreciated.

Just moved to Portugal😎

May 17, 2024

I can’t thank Expats Portugal enough.

I am very grateful to Expat Portugal , I have gone with Winsurance for all my insurance needs and EI Migration has helped me with my NIF, my D7 ,my residency and is going to help me with my application for the NHR.

I have used Spartan FX , and the very kind and patient Henry Kent from Holborn Assests is helping me with my assets.

Being a bit shy, Good Morning Portugal helps me feel a lot less lonely. ☺️

Joan Van Groningen

Worth joining this Group

April 30, 2024

Very useful platform for those considering Portugal as their primary or secondary base. What we like most is their constant endeavors to improve based on feedback of the members. Gerry, with his wealth of knowledge / experience

on local issues, remains our go to person and found him approachable and responsive. Carl is an excellent moderator of webinars displaying lot of energy who seldom misses to capture any query from members. Thanks EP

Arup Roy Tandra Ray

Knowledgable, Efficient, and Resourceful

April 29, 2024

Gerry was very helpful to me in navigating what could be a challenging process, responding to my individual needs and circimstances. I highjly reccommend Ex Pats!

Deborah Bryon

Individuals that are helping me with my move to Portugal

April 27, 2024

I would like to highlight certain people that have been very responsive and forthcoming with beneficial information.

Daniel Reis, attorney, took time to meet me and gave me contacts that I will need for my move. He was very responsive to all my questions.

Carla Carvalho with Casa Portuguesa has been extremely companionate and helpful in helping me with my living/apartment needs.

She has made me feel like, “i can do this”. I feel so secure with her and all her expertise.

Trevor & Shannon were the first people I met. They were very forthcoming about what it is like to make the move and after one is living in Portugal. Great couple to know.

Robin Richardson

Moving to Portugal this summer (2024)

April 26, 2024

I found Ex Pats on the internet. I usually don’t give a lot credence to websites I find on the internet, but Ex Pats, Gerry, are amazing!!

Gerry talked to me and sent me contacts that have been extremely helpful navigating my move to Portugal. I’m so grateful and very excited to live in Portugal. Thank you Gerry.

Robin Richardson Denver, Co

Recommended First port of call

April 2, 2024

Polite, friendly ,reassuring and helpful service providing 1st class advice and guidance for expats .we would recommend Expats Portugal as the essential first port of call when embarking on this journey .

Simon and Fiona