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Jac Polley

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After visiting Portugal for over 17 years on holiday, to places like Lisbon, Setúbal, Vilamoura,  Olhos de Água, Alvor & Lagos. We fell in love with Portugal, its people and culture.

We decided that we wanted to retire to Portugal on a D7 visa.

While both working stressful full time jobs, we chose to use an immigration agent Ei! to help us with this process. We were initially thrilled to get our visa approved after 3 weeks. We thought we had made it, but soon realised this was only the start of our journey.

From our original travel plans everything changed. We had to be flexible, adapt and change when we realised we were not going to bring our UK car with us and our original 6 months rental was a mistake!

We have stayed in Lisbon, Setubal, Santiago do Caćem, Lagos and Portimão, visiting many little towns on the way.

There’s always a prettier town!

We’d drive somewhere or set off on foot to discover the next town… As we walked down the street, I’d say, “Now this is the prettiest town, I could live here!”

And then we’d visit another town, “no THIS is the most beautiful town in Portugal I want to live here”. That’s the trouble with Portugal… It’s all so beautiful.

Our experience has been challenging, the bureaucracy arduous but feel now that Portimão is our home.

The friendly expats and locals, a more relaxed lifestyle with good food and wine have made our journey worth while. I am happy to help you on your journey to discover this amazing country called Portugal.

  • Speaks: English and learning Portuguese
  • Interests include: Portuguese traditions/culture and its people, travelling, walking,
    reading, swimming, eating & drinking especially local produce, sports and design of any sort.

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Moved to Portugal: 2021

From: Torquay, UK

Currently lives: Portimão, Algarve

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