Lucy Pink

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Moved to Portugal: 2010

From: UK

About Lucy

I’ve been connected with Portugal since 1997 and have seen many changes in Portugal over the years. I have owned a holiday home near Vale do Lobo/Quinta do Largo. Submitted a project to build a property in a field and house renovations, rented property.

I moved permanently to Portugal in 2010 as a single person, living in Vilamoura and Olhăo in the Algarve. These days I live in Central Portugal.

I’m passionate about travelling within Portugal, sightseeing historic monuments and towns and visiting as much of Portugal as I can. I believe in integrating into the local community including trying the local Festas and learning Portuguese (badly in my case!).

I enjoy cooking with our home grown produce, especially our olive oil or something seasonal from the local market.

Ask me about:

  • Food /cooking/shopping.
  • Healthcare.
  • Buying/selling/renting a property.
  • Applying for planning permission.
  • Boat ownership & golf.
  • Vet experiences.
  • Living in The Algarve and Central Portugal.
  • Sightseeing and travelling in Portugal.
  • Everyday living experiences in this great country.

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4 reviews for Lucy Pink

  1. KMK (verified owner)

    I had a great discussion with Lucy. She was very friendly and extremely helpful.

  2. Celu (verified owner)

    Was great chatting with Lucy about her experience in portugal. She clarified a lot of questions I had about day to day life in portugal.

  3. Mabel

    Lucy is an absolute joy!! She is very knowledge about Portuguese culture and the logistics of assisting me in my relocation to Portugal. She truly cares about making sure my transition is a smooth one. Any questions I have, she always promptly researches and has provided the resources and contact personnel to address my needs. She even took to the time to drive down to meet me for lunch when I was vacationing in Cascais over the holidays. I view her as a true friend. I highly recommend her because she goes over and above to assist.


    We had a tour of Tomar with Lucy in December. She made sure we saw everything we wanted to see there (and the things we didn’t know we wanted to see!) and passed on much information about the area and Portugal in general. Lucy definitely knows the area well and answered every question we had. I would not hesitate to request her for a tour or even just getting general information about Portugal. While we did not choose Tomar as our place to live (my other half thought it was too small for him), Lucy’s tour was certainly worthwhile in helping us make the decision. Having someone who knows the area give you a tour is much more interesting and informative than just going by the guidebooks. Highly recommend Lucy!

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