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About Pamela

We bought a house near Tomar in 2005 and moved permanently from UK in 2015. We have since moved to Alcobaça to live in a city and be closer to the coast.

I have learned Portuguese and I have set up a Resource Sharing Group on Facebook, including a twice weekly Chat Club to practice the language. I am in the process of applying for Portuguese citizenship.

I do volunteer work in the local community which is a great way to make friends and practise my Portuguese. I am also actively engaged in other community activities.

I love assisting people to move to Portugal. I remember feeling how anxious I was about all the unknowns and I am here to help and share my experiences.

Ask me about:

  • Learning the language
  • Citizenship
  • Touring the country
  • Vegetarianism in Portugal
  • Living in a local community
  • Integrating with the local community
  • Getting around with or without a car
  • Using the healthcare service
  • Living on the Silver Coast

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5 reviews for Pamela Smith

  1. 21Kinetra (verified owner)

    My wife and I had a well rounded tour of Alcobaca Portugal. The advantage of having Pam, who lives in Alcobaca, gave us the ability to see the livable portion of Alcobaca instead of only the tourist portion of the city. The walking tour allowed for a more intimate view of this beautiful city including the walking paths through the green space.
    I wish it made it easier to determine where we want to live in Portugal. It doesn’t. We visited quite a number of cities. Each is unique and has something special to offer.
    I can say for those who are looking for a new place to live it would be wise to utilize these “Ask Our Expats”.

  2. TeamBrand

    I recently Joined the Expats Portugal community and immediately thought the Ask the Expat session looks quite helpful. Thanks for the recommendation/confirmation.

  3. (verified owner)

    We met with Pam (and husband Tony coming along) to visit Caldas de Rainha in December. Our experience with them was extremely helpful. We did a great walking tour and they showed us many things that we didn’t realize Caldas had to offer. Prior to our arriving in Portugal, Pam had asked us what we were interested in seeing, and the tour did not disappoint. They shared loads of information with us about Caldas and Portugal in general (including finding good coffee!). We ultimately decided not to move to Caldas as it wasn’t exactly what we were looking for, but the tour and information was invaluable for understanding many things that we previously did not. I would highly recommend doing a full-on tour with an expat if you are thinking of moving to a specific area of Portugal. Spending time with someone who knows the area can give you a much better sense of it, rather than going there on your own and knowing only what the tourism offices give you.

  4. Deleted User

    Pam was my assigned “Expat Buddy” once I signed up for the Premium Membership. She has been wonderfully helpful. I asked about every subject that I could think of over the course of our meetings. She thoroughly researched each question and provided me with detailed information, all of which I can keep going back and referring to as she sent me links for all of them. I feel like I got every question answered about life in Portugal, from food, clothes, cars, public transit to purchasing property, healthcare, cultural events, and more. I really appreciated her perspective on life there and it was a lot of fun to meet her and Tony, her husband, when I visited Alcobaça as a part of my scouting trip. I couldn’t be more pleased with her services, she did an amazing job!

  5. JeffJ

    Pam is a wealth of information on living in Alcobaça and other parts of the Silver Coast. Her active community involvement gives her a perspective you can’t get by reading blogs or watching videos. Prior to our conversation, Pam took time to ask good questions to tailor our “Ask the Expat” call. After the call, she sent a fantastic summary email and included many of the resources we chatted about on the call. I highly recommend having a call or visit with Pam if you are considering Alcobaça or the Silver Coast as your new home in Portugal.

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Moved to Portugal: 2015

From: Manchester, UK

Currently lives: Alcobaça, Leiria District

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