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Moved to Portugal: 2014

From: West Yorkshire, UK

Currently lives: Lisbon

About Sally

I love travel and discovering new cultures which led me to also seek work opportunities in order to escape the rainy UK for longer periods of time. This led me to live in Spain, Guadeloupe, France and Australia. I have also travelled in the USA, India and a number of European countries. I didn’t expect it, but while here on holiday, I discovered Portugal is the right country for me and I would highly recommend it if you’re looking for a temperate climate, friendly locals and a more relaxed lifestyle with good food and wine.

Although I will soon be entering my 40s and will have been living here for almost a decade, Portugal still ignites my travel bug, I enjoy exploring at every opportunity. In this time I have been to almost of all the regions in Portugal which gives me an overview of the country as a whole, the Portuguese people and the culture in general. If you’re not sure if Portugal or a particular area might be the right fit for you, I am here to share my thoughts and experiences and answer your questions and doubts about areas to live as well as all the aspects and practicalities of moving, settling and integrating into Portugal.

The city of Lisbon itself has many neighbourhoods and each with its own character, (it’s really quite incredible how much it varies for quite a small capital city!) if you would like to specifically focus on Lisbon or any of the surrounding areas, I would be happy to provide an overview to help you decide which neighbourhood/area might be most suitable for your requirements. If you’re simply planning a short trip to Lisbon, I can also help to make a personalised itinerary to help you get the most out of this amazing city and avoid the tourist traps!

There are so many things I would have done differently if only I had known, I know so much now, and I am here to share, support and help smoothen out the moving process for others taking this huge step.

  • Living and working in Lisbon since 2014. Exploring Portugal since 2011.
  • Speaks: English and intermediate level of Portuguese, French and Spanish
  • Interests include: Travel, cinema, music & concerts, snorkelling & diving, gardening, food & wine

How it works

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Three and 6 hour packages will be broken into half hourly or hourly slots.

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4 reviews for Sally

  1. sarahjanec (verified owner)

    Sally was an incredible resource to prepare me for my move to Portugal. Not only did she do thorough research of the topics I was interested in, she was also really knowledgeable about Lisbon and Portugal in general. It gave me so much reassurance during the planning for my move, which can be a really stressful time. She talked me through answers to all my questions/ we look at maps, links and it felt like talking to a friend. She made me feel so welcome and honestly, it encouraged me hugely where before I was completely clueless. I think speaking to someone like Sally before a move is invaluable, it covers all those questions you have regarding information that can be difficult for expats to access- talking to a local! Thanks you so much Sally and Expats Portugal 🙂

  2. constantin-vonesebeckjti-com (verified owner)

    We are considering retiring to Portugal from the USA and called on Sally to help us with some general initial questions and get a bit of an insiders insight into life in Portugal as an expat. We found our first session with her very helpful . She took the time to go into detail on some of our questions and we ended up going far beyond our planned time slot but she readily accepted this. Our session was followed up with a written summary of notes, tips and suggestion. Again very helpful as we continue with our research into Portugal as our potential future home.Thank you Sally !

  3. MonicaD (verified owner)

    I had a Zoom call with Sally to talk about my possible move to Portugal. Her knowledge about Lisbon and its neighborhoods was so helpful to me. She really focused on the areas that met my “wants” and “must haves”. She provided me with a document with a lot of links and maps that will be very helpful on my trip scheduled in a few months. This is a great service provided by Sally and ExpatsPortugal. I highly recommend spending some time with Sally if you are considering a move. Thanks so much! Regards, Monica

  4. Gerard (verified owner)

    Hi Sally,

    I am writing a review for Sally as I met with her by zoom to discuss aspects of Lisbon. She is extremely knowledgeable, polite and professional, and additionally help prepare a document with all the areas of interest that I had spoken to her about before I met with her. She was able to answer all my questions, including recent prices for apartments in Lisbon, some aspects of healthcare, visa questions, as well as where I might be able to meet some ex-pats were very retired there.
    I highly recommend her for anybody who has any interest in visiting or retiring in Lisbon, and I plan on contacting her again prior to my visit in February.

    Gerard H Sager(I couldn’t find anywhere on the ex-pat form to send this, so I was hoping you could cut-and-paste)

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