Self-Storage in Portugal

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Who uses Self-Storage and how to choose the best self-storage unit

Nowadays  due to changes in our lifestyle, intense workload and rise of housing costs, we tend to live in smaller apartments that do not allow much storage space for our many items. Other than this, there are moments in our life when a bit of extra space is very much needed.

Often companies need an extra space to store items and maximize their office space, renting a self-storage BOX can help.

New companies can also use the space as small distribution center before committing to fixed long term rental contracts. The flexibility in Self Storage makes doing business easy.

It is important to have a space that is secure and convenient for your needs.


  • Change of home address;
  • Buying or selling a new home;
  • Taking in elderly people in the family;
  • Marriage;
  • Divorce;
  • Birth of children;
  • Living abroad and renting your home;
  • Students who move closer to the school/university;
  • Parking cars, motorcycles and boats;
  • Recreational equipment: surfboards, golf clubs, skis, bikes;
  • Christmas decorations;
  • Filing relevant family documents;
  • Family heirdom.


  • Document filing, like old archive files;
  • Stocks: for companies that have stores and need extra storage space, or online companies that need more space, either temporarily or on a long-term basis;
  • Logistics: very common in e-commerce, that may benefit from a physical distribution spot or just to temporarily store extra items or a momentary increase in stock;
  • Need for extra space in case of going out of business;
  • Vehicles.

How to choose the best storage unit

1. The location of the facility and proximity to your home

When you are looking for a space it’s important to consider the proximity to your home. Are you willing to travel farther?  Is it convenient for you to store your belongings and have fast access to it? You can save rental costs, but you may end up paying more in fuel and time. This is especially important if you plan to travel back and forth between the storage unit and your home to retrieve items multiple times.

2. The price, payment plans and contract

Does the storage unit charge by month? Does the storage facility offer any promotions? Do they allow you to cancel your contract whenever you want? How easy is to understand the contract? Are you willing to pay more but have a better service? Do they change you to move to bigger or smaller boxes?

3. The hours of operation and storage access

What are the storage facility’s hours of operation? Is the storage facility open during hours that work for you and your busy schedule? For ultimate convenience, it’s recommended choosing a facility that allows 24-hour access to your storage unit. All our facilities offer 24-hour access.

4. The storage unit’s environment and amenities

  • Quality of Facility:

Assessing the overall quality of the storage facility is crucial. A well-maintained facility is indicative of a commitment to providing a secure and optimal storage environment. Look for
facilities that invest in regular maintenance, security measures, and cleanliness to ensure the longevity of your stored belongings. Is there pest control services in place?

  • Ventilation in Storage Units:

Adequate ventilation is another important aspect to consider. Proper ventilation helps prevent the buildup of stale air and moisture within the storage unit. This is particularly beneficial for
items like clothing, bedding, and wooden furniture, which can be negatively affected by stagnant air. Ventilation promotes air circulation, reducing the risk of mold, mildew, and unpleasant odors.

  • Why Ventilation Matters:

Ventilation is crucial for maintaining a healthy storage environment. It helps control humidity levels, preventing the growth of mold and mildew that can damage sensitive items. Good ventilation also contributes to the overall freshness of the stored space, ensuring that your belongings remain in optimal condition throughout their time in storage.

5. The safety and security measures

Protecting your items inside storage should be top of mind when selecting a self-storage unit. The self-storage unit must offer safety features to ensure that your items are secure. Make sure to consider the safety features offered before signing a contract with a storage facility. In our facilities we always have CCTV, 24-hour armed response, smoke detection, fire fighting

6. The facility’s insurance options

You may need a self-storage facility that offers additional insurance options to protect your items while in storage. Not only will insuring your items give you peace of mind while items are inside the storage unit, but it will also provide you with compensation in case your items are damaged. Make sure you understand the events that are covered by the insurance policy and the
compensation that will be due. If the insurance offered is insufficient, consider purchasing additional cover.

7. Convenience of Location

When considering self-storage options, paying attention to the convenience of the location is paramount. Opting for a facility close to your home or workplace ensures easy access, saving you valuable time and effort when retrieving or storing items. Additionally, proximity to a highway is a definite plus, offering quick and convenient access for those moments when you’re on the go. Prioritizing the convenience of the location ensures that your self-storage experience is not only secure but also seamlessly integrated into your daily routine.

8. Easy access to Storage Unit

When evaluating a self-storage facility, it’s crucial to consider the ease of access to your storage unit. Look for facilities that offer ground-level units or easy access via ramps. Ground-level units eliminate the need for navigating stairs or elevators, simplifying the process of loading and unloading your belongings. Ramps further enhance accessibility, allowing for smooth movement of items, especially bulky or heavy ones. Prioritizing easy access to your storage unit not only streamlines your storage experience but also ensures that your stored items remain readily available whenever you need them. Are there trolleys available to assist you with moving your goods?

9. Simple Contract

In your search for the perfect self-storage facility, it’s essential to prioritize simplicity in contracts. Opt for facilities that offer straightforward and easy-to-understand contracts, free from hidden fees or complex clauses. A transparent agreement ensures a clear understanding of your responsibilities, making the storage process hassle-free. By choosing a facility with a straightforward contract, you not only save yourself from potential surprises but also establish a foundation for a trustworthy and stress-free storage experience.

10. Friendliness of Staff

When evaluating different storage options, the friendliness of staff is a key factor for users. A warm and approachable staff enhances the overall experience by fostering clear communication, providing helpful guidance, and creating a positive atmosphere. Beyond the physical aspects of a storage facility, friendly staff instill a sense of trust and comfort, influencing the decision-making process. For users, a storage facility with amiable staff becomes more than a place for belongings—it’s a welcoming space that contributes to a positive overall experience.

In Portugal you can find Orangespace that is dedicated to offering the simplest, most flexible solution to businesses and individuals requiring additional space. Their contracts are brief and easy to understand and their move in process is designed to be stress free.

Pay only for the space you need as they have multiple different size boxes available. In OrangeSpace the shortest stay is 2 weeks and the contracts are monthly so you are never tied into
a long contract.

OrangeSpace brings to Portugal a solution for those looking for a BOX to rent whose main advantages are security, simplicity, convenience and flexibility for those wishing to acquire extra
space, whether for their home or business.

The definitive solution to the lack of space – OrangeSpace Self Storage – for individuals and companies.
Main advantages include:

– Access to the box 24 hours a day / 365 days a year

– 24-hour surveillance

– No security deposit required

– Multi-risk insurance available

You can count on space to rent in different parts of the country! Check here all the locations available:


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